Snapshots from Romania!

Romania photos, Brasov photos, Brasov Romania

It all began one night, when a friend and I sat staring at the world map. I had landed a fat assignment and finally reached my savings goal for a long overdue trip out of India. After turning down many drab international 3-4 day FAM trips that offered nothing immersive or even remotely exciting, I craved a mix of the east and the west, interesting food and the chance to experience a culture I knew little about. Romania seemed to tick all the boxes. Flights were booked, visa hurdles painfully crossed, and off we went. Into a world that continues to delight and surprise me.

I’ll let these pictures give you a glimpse of our time so far in Romania:


, a big city where time has almost forgotten these Soviet-era cars and homes.

Romania photos, Brasov photos, Brasov Romania


with dome-shaped churches that almost resemble mosques – the Baroque style of architecture.

Romania churches, Romanian architecture


taking in the traditional architecture and modern way of life; a blend that can perhaps be found only in Romania.

Romanian architecture, Brasov Romania, Brasov photos


in a restored 100-year-old house called Casa Matei in Brasov.

Brasov Romania, blog Romania


called Bistro del Arte, in the old town of Brasov.

Brasov photos, Brasov Romania


available everywhere in Romania. Orthodox Catholics in the country observe a vegan fast twice a week or for 6 weeks before Christmas and Easter, so every local resto offers marcare de post (fasting menu) featuring veggie dishes without eggs or dairy. This zakuska (dips of mushroom, eggplant and beans) was a real treat.

Romania vegetarian food, Romania food


with dinner in a wine cellar and a live violin performance.

Brasov photos, blog Romania, Brasov Romania


caught on a train ride through Transylvania.

Eastern Europe, Romania photos


a glimpse of the Romanian countryside, in the charming mountain village of Magura, located within a national park.

Romania countryside, Romania villages, Magura Romania


as though we’ve time-travelled, and not merely taken a train an hour from Brasov.

Romania countryside, Romania villages, Magura Romania


where sheep breeding is the primary occupation, men still use scythes to cut grass, and people collect hay in the summer to feed their cattle in winter. Yet, everyone has modern cars and traditional houses equipped with central heating and other urban comforts.

Romania countryside, Romania villages, Magura Romania


; our attic in the village home of a Romanian family in Magura.

Magura Romania, Romania villages, attic


Has Romania made it to your wish list yet? 


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  1. Nice to see glimpses of a country which in general is not a part of Europe tour packages.

  2. Ugggghhh. Your awesome blog updates frustrates me. Because I’m stuck. In the corporate world that you quit!

    1. frustrates? These are inspirations and then there are ways and means to you make them happen. Being in a corporate world is actually a blessing a disguise to fund travel

  3. I would have never read about Romania in detail if I hadn’t read your blog 🙂 Keep posting and can you share the camera and lens you use ( hope it’s not too much to ask for 😛 ) .

  4. Fascinating to see Europe in this way! I didn’t expect the horse cart still in use, or hay being gathered by scythe and pitchfork. Why do the Romanians work without petrol? Is it for the sheer joy/pleasure, because it’s inexpensive/economical, for a religious reason (like the Amish in the USA), or environmentalist? Or some other reason?

    1. they worked like that since they were called Valahians or tracians, why should they change that? why buy a machine of some short and pay for it and for gas when you can use a horse(witch is a friend and someone to care for),it’s tradition the same as best french wines are made with your feet and not some machine,as for petrol,romania has the largest suplies of petrol and gas in europe

    2. Dana Buzatu says:

      it’s mostly part of tradition.

  5. Shivya, this is so so beautiful! I feel like am on a virtual tour with you.

  6. Beautiful pictures.. And for the last one I am not getting what’s the angle of camera//

  7. Shivya, what a beautiful post, through your images you document the healthy, rural live of the locals. Living in the U.S. , having moved over here 24 years ago from Germany, I really can relate to this wonderful culture, though haven’t been in Romania yet, but in Hungaria and Bulgaria, next month on my way to Germany for a wedding I will spent a few days in Krackau, Poland. I wonder what will be your next destination in Eastern Europe?

  8. Love the attic picture Shivya..

  9. niftyjacob says:

    Hi Shivya, its so wonderful to see someone follow their dreams and actually live life on impulse. I came across your blog about 2 weeks back and since then, all I can think of is making my dream of living in the English countryside come true.

    Meanwhile, would you be able to give me an idea of the duration of your trip to Romania, and how much would it cost on an average, including travel expenses to and fro..

  10. Jatin Adlakha says:

    O woman, every post of yours is such a delight to read and a treat to the eyes! You got your window to the world and I think you’re that window to us… 🙂

  11. Sid - The Wanderer says:

    Beautiful shots Shivya…makes me want to go there…

  12. Chaitali Patel says:

    Beautiful images… love how you captured the essence of the country with these photos. Loved the one of you looking out of the window.

  13. The first line reminded me how I have planned some of my recent trips :). First open the map :).

  14. Beautiful story told through the lens. Needless to say I was transported to Romania. I had always wondered about Eastern European countries and their lush green meadows and today I experienced a glimpse of it.

    Tell me one thing Shivya is Romania trip super expensive or one can fit it in a doable budget.

  15. Hey Shivya,
    I’m planning to go to Romania in November. Can you give me some details on the Romanian tourist visa?

  16. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Dreams are made up such stuff! Bewitching indeed!
    This is another shot in the arm for the Vagabondian spirit contained inside me. Added to my bucket list. Thanks Shivya Nath!

  17. Sandhya Nair says:

    Hey Shivya…got introduced to you and the blog through the July 2014 BBC travel write-up ..and I have to say have truly inspired me. It takes a lot of guts and courage to leave a comfortable setting, follow your dream and stick to it. I like your style of writing, the transports me to a different world where i am discovering these new places through your eyes. Thank you and have a safe travel 🙂

  18. Nice post Shivya – Romania’s always been somewhere on my “places to go” list but it’s moved up a bit now. Looks really chilled.

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  20. Kara Freedman says:

    Didn’t realize you were in Romania. Very cool!

  21. Samir Sahai says:

    Great post, as always, Shivya. Oh how I envy you!

  22. Shivya, hats off for turning down the FAM trips & making, paying through your own travel. You are inspiring people while people like me help them make it happen in a small way! 🙂

  23. twobootsadventures says:

    I’ve been meaning to go to Romania since I watched Top Gear episode where they go on theTransfăgărășan road. Check that out if you’ve time.

  24. twobootsadventures says:

    And nice post:)

  25. Wow! What a wonderful post and photos that tell about the life in Romanian..While seeing your photos, time paused for few minutes, transcending me back into the bygone era of Eastern Europe. You have some incredible clicks. Way to go…!!

  26. Sarah@Travelcake says:

    I hadn’t really thought of Romania as a destination, but I’m starting to reconsider. Especially the rural areas got me interested!

  27. Did you ever plan to visit Auschwitz camps in another Eastern European country – Poland? Was reading about it in one of the blogs, though have read extensively about these Nazi camps. Thought of just checking with you…

  28. Hi Shivya!

    Your blog site is amazing! So informative and inspiring. I love the photos of the places you’ve been to. Each photo tells a story. These photos are memories to last you a lifetime. The places you have been to and are going to see need not be forgotten. I can’t wait to read more about your travels and view your wonderful photos.

    You can actually share your photos and videos to more people. I discovered an awesome website that let’s you share pictures and videos and helps you remember specific locations you’ve traveled to.

    Have you ever taken photos on a trip only to get home and not be able to remember where you took “that” shot? is your Travel log, Travel Diary or travel companion. As long as your phone or camera is set as “GEO Tagging” or “Location Tagging” to ON, the GPS data of exactly where you took the photo will be decrypted from your photo and will place your photo on your very own personal travel log map of the world so you can quickly and easily see every photo you’ve taken and exactly where it was taken.

    Just yesterday I was talking to my #travel buddy that I do a “blokes Trip” with once a year and I was looking at a photo that I swore was taken in Da Nang in Central Vietnam – But when I uploaded it, the GPS data said it was taken in Southern Vietnam and then I compared it to other photos the same day and yep, it was taken in Vung Tau in Southern Vietnam.
    Very powerful and totally FREE – I hope it is useful to you. It’s very user-friendly and you’ll never forget those wonderful places you’ve traveled to. Just create an account (quick and easy) and share your amazing photos for more people to see and enjoy.

    I really hope to see all your photos on the Trailu site!

  29. Pratik Agrawal says:

    Hi Shivya,

    Hope you are doing Good 🙂

    I came to your travel blog for the 1st time and this is my 1st comment…

    You and Your passion to travel is really amazing…which inspires me more to never stop planning and executing trips As One will always remember the trips they went and had memorable time and experience and not the work that much if they do outside like me 🙂

    I would recommend you to See CROATIA…I visited last year…This would be really shock you..I have not seen any country like this…It was awesome(especially 100+ Islands)!!!

    I am planning Romania this year..Can you guide me which city I should stay or go there?Would be around 3 full days.

    Pratik Agrawal

  30. Hi Shivya.Nice photos from my country.Thank You!

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