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’cause time flies

It’s been exactly a year since I unofficially graduated from college and lost myself in the insanity of adulthood. I have loved the freedom since, the rush of responsibility, the financial independence, the stamp of a degree, the corporate chaos. And also hated it.

Life has changed in many ways, and yet, in some fundamental sense, I am still the restless, fickle mind of a young student exploring the ways of the world, looking for adventure in the least likely of places, and forever moving by elimination. I have however, in this year, found a master key to survival – living a day at a time. Of all things that work, this one works wonders. It’s amazing what a day can be, with no future to look into and no past to brood over.

I am not aspiring to be a life coach just yet, so I’ll leave you with these lines from Porcupine Tree,

But after a while, You realize time flies, And the best thing that you can do
Is take whatever comes to you, ‘Cause time flies…

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Hello! I'm Shivya. 7+ years ago, I quit my full-time corporate job and started travelling the world. I gave up my home, sold most of my possessions and embraced the life of a digital nomad. I'm passionate about sustainable tourism, offbeat destinations, solo travel and veganism. If you enjoyed reading this blog post, leave me a comment and let me know. You can also buy a copy of my bestselling book, The Shooting Star. Thanks for joining my adventures virtually! Connect with me on Instagram/Twitter @shivya.


  1. jayesh says

    Don’t think you’ll be all that bad as a life coach πŸ˜›

  2. your blog kind of makes me realize why anyone gets into blogging in the first place. Its spontaneous…and nice to read.

  3. Interesting thoughts Shivya…
    Even I get similar feelings after coming to corporate world. College days were really golden. πŸ™‚

  4. docmitasha says

    i’m always trying to do that, but forgetting all the time too! its such a key. thanks for the reminder! πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Shivya,

    Nice blog !!! I liked it “Life has changed in many ways, and yet, in some fundamental sense, I am still the restless,….”

    It is this restlessness which shall help you make a difference. Understand that you are restless and route it to something productive and you shall work wonders.

    I have sent you a mail on the id mentioned on your blog to share a new initiative of mine. Hope you shall relpy.

    Happy writing.


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