December is here

After a semester of randomness, fluctuating beliefs and occasional spontaneity, I am finally heading home to India for a (hopefully) predictable December. A winter of cold weather, chilly rose fragrance, warm blankets and hot samosas. The perfect time to lie couched at the foot of the Himalayan expanse and gaze at the infinite greens and blues, sprawl under the warm winter sun, read delectable stories of another land, breathe in the aroma of home-cooked food, befriend temptation. It’s finally snowing on my blog; a happy start to my late December.

Violet hill, Coldplay, is the song of the hour. Winter tidings to all 😀


The Shooting Star Academy

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  1. Happy winter! 🙂
    May you squeeze all the warmth of blissful moments from the last month of the calender!

  2. Happy winters. I missed winters in the last four years. Now I am finally enjoying it too. 🙂

  3. I love winters! Especially the feel of a warm cuppa coffee! 😀

  4. shaaakspsyco says:

    I like December! It’s the time of the year for grass.

  5. Welcome back home 🙂 And the things you mention…”The perfect time to lie …” , well I wanna take a break too now n befriend temptation 🙂

  6. So Shivya, how predictable has your December been so far? 😉

  7. @ Varun: Thanks 🙂

    @ VC: Thankies. I’m in Delhi for the time being 🙂

    @ saadil: Sure trying to do that. Happy winters to you too!

    @ amit: Glad you are. It’s a great season!

    @ Nikhil: Ah yes. Now I feel like having fun, but oh the laziness 🙂

    @ Dinesh Babu: Yeah, don’t even get me started about the food 😉

    @ Jayesh: I hope you did!

    @ Pranav: Haha, well, don’t think I need to answer that :p

    @ shaaakspsyco: Yeah, very green 🙂

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