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Dear 2012.

Dear 2012,

Haven’t you come so soon? I am still reveling in my escapades of 2011, marveling at the beauty of our world. 2011 was a good year, you know. I wish it hadn’t ended so soon. But now that you’re here, I dream of flying on your wings to places far away, where snow-topped mountains and their valleys lie untouched, in wait for me. I see myself floating on your seas, in waters so blue, my eyes hurt. Your roads are calling out to me, filled with people whose smiles will keep me warm & whose stories will melt my heart. Oh 2012, you’ve come so soon. Now please tease me with what you might have in store for me.

Nepal & Bhutan, over land.

Bhutan, monastery, dochumla pass

I hope to cross the India-Nepal border over land through the majesty of the Himalayas, either near Varanasi or Rishikesh, and continue my love affair with Buddhist territories. If luck is on my side, Tibet will be moved off my bucket list too.

Albania, courtesy Mynatour.

Albania, countryside

Earlier this year, I won a travel blogging contest to spend a week hiking through the Alpine countryside of Albania, thanks to lots of votes & support from my Twitter & Facebook communities. I must repay with lots of travel tweets, updates & pictures!

Backpacking through the Balkan states.

Balkans, Slovenia

Clubbed with the Albania getaway, I hope to backpack through the Balkan States over the summer. That means applying for over ten visas, but I trust it’ll be worth it.

Andaman Islands

Andaman & nicobar islands

The Andamans have indiscriminately been showing up in my travel readings & conversations, and I’m convinced I must pay their sun-kissed beaches and turquoise blue waters a visit.

Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve

Nanda devi biosphere reserve

As phase two of my solo adventure in Spiti, I hope to traverse the Himalayas of Uttarakhand in 2012, and spend some me-time in the lap of the Nanda Devi reserve.

India Untravelled

Punjab, India, countryside

My quest for an India Untravelled shall continue, and evolve into something I’ve always dreamed about, something that warrants a post entirely on its own, so stay tuned. I promise not to disappoint!

Photo credits: Göran (Kartläsarn),  Godo-GodajLes HainesSenorhorst Jahnsen

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  1. Hey Shivya, these are some really grand and exciting plans! Of these, I’ve been to Andamans before – and the islands are really really beautiful! And I’ve no doubt that Bhutan, Balkans and mera apna desh India (Untravelled) will be no less as experiences of lifetime! 🙂

    Good luck for 2012! Keep travelling! 🙂

    • Thanks Debra! Look forward to travelling with you virtually, and if luck has it, meeting over coffee while on the road someday.

  2. What a wonderful way of understanding 2012. I pray, 2012 does take you to those places, and that I get the chance to read what you write about them.

    On that note: Happy New Year.

  3. Great travel plans you have for the year ahead, I’m planning Asia and India too for 2012, and if you are going to Nepal while I’m there I’d love to join you!

  4. I’ve not been to Andamans….but Lakshadweep. The copper sulphate colour of the sea is absolutely breathtaking.

    I stayed in the Sport Complex cottages on Kadmat island. Long, pristine & untouched beach. You would love it 🙂

    • Lakshadweep’s been on my travel list for a while too now, but I decided to prioritize Andamans over it, of course only until you mentioned the copper sulphate colored waters! So much to see, how can a year ever be enough? 🙂

  5. 2012 is packed for you and it’s only mid-January! Looking forward to plenty of updates and congrats on winning such a cool blogging contest!

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