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Spiti: Secrets of The Valley.

This article was originally published on Offbeat Travel.

I’m fascinated as Tenzing describes a mystery mountain close to his hometown in Spiti. He’s my first local friend, and the expert driver who we’ve entrusted with our lives, up the precarious mountain roads from Shimla to Spiti.

His eyes glow as he recounts his childhood experience to the most offbeat part of Spiti; he hiked continuously for 3 days, camping along the Spiti River at nightfall, to reach the base of a mountain, which he claims, changes colors a few times a day. According to local legends, the color of this mystery mountain reflects the mood of the deities that inhabit it… [Read more on Offbeat travel]


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    • Go for it, there’s still time this year before it gets too cold (by mid October). It’s such a beautiful place, I still yearn to go back πŸ™‚


  3. Tapti says

    It takes close to 12 hrs on the Manali-Kunzum way.
    Source : Multiple personal experiences


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