Travel Contest: Win an Incredible Road Trip Across 3 Countries!

I bring you this latest travel contest from my home in a pristine little village on the shores of Lake Peten Itza in Guatemala. I’m staying with a local village family that has adopted me as one of their own, and this morning, I joined them in making hand-rolled tortillas. Every time I land up in a place like this, I’m reminded of how much I enjoy a life of travel. And how much I wish it upon my readers – which is why I’m forever urging you to participate in exciting travel contests.

A while back, I heard from Raj, who having read about the CEAT Tyres contest on my blog earlier this year, won an epic travel expedition to Ladakh. If you don’t believe me, check out his ‘cool-dude’ picture below!

Ceat tyres, contest india, road trip india
My reader Raj Kukreja on his expedition in Ladakh!

So here it is, your chance to win yourself an awesome adventure across the mighty Himalayas of three countries – India, Nepal and Bhutan:


Two contestants will win an incredible road trip from Delhi to Nepal and Bhutan with CEAT Tyres! This journey will have you drive across some of the most scenic routes in the high Himalayas, cross two international borders, test your limits on the world-famous Tiger Nest trek, and experience a truly unforgettable adventure.

Tiger Nest bhutan, road trip bhutan, ceat tyres contest
Tiger Nest, Bhutan. Photo by Simon Monk.


  • Log on to .
  • In not more than 500 words, describe an interesting adventure or story from a past road trip.
  • Include 1-3 pictures from the road trip you’ve described.
  • Like CEAT Tyres on Facebook or follow @CEAT_TyresIndia on Twitter.

The contest is open to Indian residents above 18 years of age, and the winners must be able to drive a four wheeler.

ceat tyres road trip, India road trip, travel contests india
The CEAT Tyres expedition to Ladakh. Photo by Raj Kukreja.


The contest ends at 11:59 PM IST on October 21st.

The winners will be announced within the week by CEAT Tyres.

Nepal road trip, ceat tyres road trip
The Himalayas of Nepal. Photo by Ivan Borisov.


By now, you already know that these contests are real and there’s a fair chance to win if you put your mind to it.

I’ll only stress on one point – Creativity. Don’t trust your creative juices to flow at the last moment; take time to dwell over your entry and make it stand out.

ceat tyres contest, road trip bhutan
Vistas in Bhutan. Photo by Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn).


ALL THE BEST! Don’t forget to send me a virtual postcard if you win 🙂


Note: This post was written as part of the CEAT Adventure campaign.


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  1. Colleen Brynn says:

    Too bad I’m not Indian, this looks amazing!

  2. Hey Shivya, The contest asks a different question – what you would do if you are chosen to be a part of #CEATroadtrip.” Right? Or is this another competition?

    1. Verified with the CEAT team – you need to submit in 500 words or less, an interesting story / anecdote from a past road trip (as mentioned at the top of their contest homepage).

  3. Hi Shivya,
    Thanks for sharing this. It seems like the link takes you to a competition for the monastery escape leg 2 which is in Leh Laddakh region rather than the tri-nation adventure. Am i mistaken? Also your link (Go on, Enter the contest) to the page doesn’t work for me( is it me, or the link?)

    1. Hi Siddharth,

      I think that’s a typo on the CEAT website – I’ve verified with them and this is the right page for submission for the Nepal Bhutan trip. Thanks for the heads up on the last link; there was a typo. I’ve fixed it now!

  4. Hi Shivya,
    I always love reading your amazing experiences and posts though this one turned out to be awesome for me.
    I had a great time on this trip.
    Thanks for sharing the info, will share some awesome snaps soon.
    Keep posting more such contests 🙂

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