Under the night sky

She walks the lone road,

Silence stinging her senses

Like a cold wind would sting

Her bare skin,

But the night is still

And dark, and the sky is dark,

Embracing the dainty arch

Of the new born moon,

As though it were created to protect

The moon alone, and nothing below,

And no stars shone

Upon the silence of the night. 


She walks past a house masked

By dull peeling white, the smell

Of rust, and autumn in sight

In a garden, brown and bare.


She walks through the night

Till she reaches the end

Of her road, the end of all life,

And peers through the sky above

At the morning light, at the first rays

Of the rising sun.

A new horizon?


The Shooting Star Academy

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  1. This somehow reminded me of ‘Slowly silently now the moon, walks the night in her silver shoon’

    Lovely 🙂

  2. Now thats one WOW way of looking up at the sky and personify its beauty.
    WOW again 🙂

  3. @ Squarebrackets: Thanks, and welcome to the shooting star 🙂

    @ Varun: Thanks 😀 I read that for the first time now. I like!

    @ Radhika: Thankies 🙂

    @ Dev: Thanks Dev 😀

  4. The images which came to my mind while reading this were beautiful. 🙂

  5. docmitasha says:

    its beautiful! i loved it. it has a very quiet, serene feel to it…

  6. Beautiful!!
    I loved the imagery of this poem and the essence of the poem reminded me of Kahlil Gibran who was almost sure that a new dawn emerges with the end of our nightly walk of life.

    Good stuff! 🙂
    Write more!

  7. @ Aadil: Thanks a ton Aadil 🙂 I should go read Kahlil Gibran. Could use some optimism right about now 🙂

  8. Wow, I think this was really nice. One of the hardest things for a poet to do is to create that scene in the reader’s head. You did that. x]

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