A pinch of philosophy

Socrates’ school of thought has me hooked. My philosophical hunger has new food for thought. According to Socrates,

“No one could possibly be happy if they acted against their better judgement. And he who knows how to achieve happiness will do so. Therefore, he who knows what is right will do right. Because why would anybody choose to be unhappy?”

Reason has strayed. Unhappiness is a choice. Socrates has a point.

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  1. i know.. and i agree.
    there are way too many people who choose to live lives without happiness. when we chat i will give you a living example .. who chooses never to be happy.

  2. docmitasha says:

    very true. objectivism philosophy runs on the same path: reason above all, and with reason and judgement we will be happy because why would we choose unhappiness?

  3. @ Poorna: Welcome to The Shooting Star! I’m very curious about your example. Cya online soon 🙂

    @ docmitasha: Absolutely.

    @ Mandar: 🙂 Welcome to The Shooting Star!

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I say this to everyone and din’t know Socrates said the same longtime ago.
    People should set their personal compass to direct them to happiness. Only then our body, mind and heart all take part in choosing the exact thing we should pursue to be happy. Or else each will have their own say in choosing and we will end up doing things that may give either good money or good self time or something else but not happiness. Happiness is how less we resent our life, how less we think our peer’s life is better than ours, how more content we are of our life.

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