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Dehradun: a Charming Valley at The Himalayan Foothills & My Hometown.

Dehradun, Doon valley, mountains, sun, sunset, uttarakhand

Perched in the cradle made by the Himalayan foothills to the north and the Shivalik range to the south, Dehradun is that small valley where you can tell the season by looking at the flowers in your garden.

dehradun, spring

Spring comes home.

dehradun, valley, doon, mountains, clouds

The clouds kiss the mountains, as seen from the valley.

You can see your flight hovering over mountain tops when landing in Dehradun, and you are gradually lowered into a misty land where green is the predominant color.

Dehradun, valley, take off, airport, flight

Taking off from Dehradun.

Often shadowed in the eyes of visitors by the hill-station of Mussoorie, the valley is what glitters with sunrise, sunset & Mussoorie’s night lights after dusk, everyday.

Dehradun, Doon valley, mountains, sun, sunset, uttarakhand

The sun starts to set above the mountains.

Dehradun, Doon valley, sunset

Driving into the sunset.

This valley is what I call my home town. It’s what you dream about when fast city life stops beckoning, where you don’t have to rich or successful to be popular, where everyone lives in a house and doesn’t call it a bungalow, where there’s a leechee tree in every backyard, where you don’t go out late in the night because you love tucking away at home, where you look forward to the chilly winter so you can bask under the day sun. Everyone has a relative, a grandmother, an aunt in Dehradun. Yet you can cover the entire town within 3 degrees of separation.

Dehradun, Doon valley, mountains, Sahastradhara, drive

The mountain view from the Sahastradhara drive.

Dehradun, Doon valley, transport, road, uttarakhand

Riding on.

Like everything beautiful, Dehradun fell victim to commercialization in becoming the capital of the state of Uttarakhand. While that meant increased development, it also meant more commercial establishments, people & traffic. A lot of the town’s beauty is now confined to its outskirts, where clouds still grace rooftops, where the sunset still makes passers-by look up in wonder, where green is still the dominant color.

Dehradun, doon valley, sunset

Sunset in the valley.

In the transition phase of this once sleepy town lie a basket of experiences you don’t want to miss 🙂

Photo credits: TianyakeProdigalSistaDeepgoswami, ankyuk.

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  1. Been there (many times). Done that.
    A heavenly city worth settling in… 🙂

  2. easylifestyles says

    I love to travel and I really enjoy reading your blog very much. Thanks for sharing this post. Feel free to check out our website.

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  3. Wow wow and wow…..Beautifully described 🙂 Well I have a couple of friends from Dehradun and they keep raving about the city all the time…And yes I plan to surely visit the place sometime 🙂

  4. Beautiful description and the pics do make the valley look heavenly. This write-up stirs those nostalgic feelings that have been residing within ever since I left a similar captivating and strikingly beautiful hill station, I was brought up in.

    The freshness and purity is almost seeping through the content. Abundance of green speaks of high precipitation that the valley must be receiving. Just wondering, do you get snowfall in Dehradun?

    Nice to have stumbled upon your blog!

    • Thanks Delirium & welcome to The Shooting Star! I’m very curious to know which hill station you were brought up in? It’s rare to meet people non-city folks on the blogosphere 🙂

      While I was still at home (5 years ago, moved out since then), Dehradun only received beautiful rain showers and occasional hail-storms. However, climate change seeped through the little valley too, and Dehradun received it’s first snow in the winter of 2009. My house’s entire garden was covered in snow. I can imagine it must’ve been a beautiful site 🙂

      Hope to see you at The Shooting Star often!

  5. Lets not curiosity kill the cat.

    I am talking about Abbottabad, a fabulous & verdant hill station in North West Pakistan situated at an elevation of more than 4000ft ASL.

    I made a humble attempt at scribbling my account and narrating memories of the town sometime back. Since you’ve visited my blog, you might’ve come across that. But I’m afraid, mine was far too ordinary an effort as compared to your wonderful contribution.

    • I hope I’ll get a chance to visit it someday 🙂 It sounds beautiful!

  6. prabhjot says

    Born and brought up in a city, DEHRADOON TO ME IS A VALLEY OF DREAMS. i first came to know about this hill city from the stories of one of DEHRADOON’S most famous writer RUSKIN BOND and after reading his writings became not only his fan but of this beautuful hill city too .Though i have seen it through the author’s eye and now through this site, i hope i get an opportunity to see this paradise on earth.

    • I hope you do and soon 🙂 It’s as beautiful as Ruskin Bond describes it to be, though it’s increasingly becoming a victim of commercialization aka development. Visit soon!

  7. I haven’t been to Dehradun when I went to Uttarakhand, the main city of the district I was in was Almora. Weird region the Uttarakhand, I’d love to talk about it, there still are things I struggle to understand 🙂

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  9. Sharad Joshi (@sharad2511) says

    I am lucky to land in such a nice blog where i can find about different travel experiences and pics of beautiful places…a real life experience as if i am myself travelling 🙂 ve found this blog today only havent u been to NE India i am from there still asking

  10. Sharad Joshi (@sharad2511) says

    M Not from NE still asking as it is a unexplored territory in India and beautiful one

  11. Saeed Ahmad says

    I don’t knw wat but but there is something in this city ……it keeps on calling me……..
    Been there twice but was not able to explore as was in rush to reach Mussoorie …..
    But finally made up my mind to have a holiday home of my own in this stunning place….

    can somebody help me out ???


  12. Vikas Kumar says

    Again very will explained. Getting addicted to your blog.

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  16. Amey pahuja says

    great work
    really liked the blog
    actually even I am form Dehradun. its my home town, but unfortunately I am in currently in Gujarat
    As I read the blog I got to remember those old vibes from Dehradun
    well great description about the DOON

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