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Bonjour From Paris!

Notre Dame, Paris, France

Europe holds a charm for travelers that few other continents can boast of, and I finally have my own Eurotrip to write about.

Paris to me was a canvas of architectural brilliance. Forget the Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower, unforgettable as they might be; every nook of Paris has a tastefully carved structure worth gazing up at.

Notre Dame, Paris, France

Like every other tourist to France, I have my own picture of the Notre Dame.

river seine, paris, france

River Seine, the heart of Paris.

I was irresistibly drawn into the boulangeries and pattiseries littered all across Paris, and every croissant and panini smelt of freshness. I couldn’t however, see the romance in the streets of Paris or the charm in strolling along the river Seine, together with flocks ofother tourists. I couldn’t feel the energy of the city. But perhaps that’s just me. Perhaps it’s a city that, like many other cities, grows on you. Perhaps the images of Paris I conjured in my mind were too imaginative.

I’m glad we got away to the countryside of France and saw the Europe I had dreamt about. The train to Annecy was a blanket of green, littered with the occasional huts and fields, and affording us our first view of the French Alps.

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