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Off I Go, Guess Where!

Bahrain photos

After lots of reminiscing and writing in the first half of this month, I’m finally off on my next travel adventure! I’m escaping the cold of Delhi for warmer shores. I’m going to a region I’ve never been before. And I’m flying tomorrow night. Enough said.

With the three hints below, I will let you guess where it is that I’ll be signing in next from. And to make it more interesting, the first person to guess it right in the comments gets a little gift from this “exotic” country.

1. The country is located in the Middle East.

2. It is best known for its beaches. It is even better known for something else, but that would be a complete giveaway!

3. It doesn’t fall on your regular tourism trail. And that explains why I’m this excited.

So go on, make your guess (one country per guess only please); I can’t hold the excitement of telling you much longer.


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Featured image by Asif Iqbal.


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  1. Nisha says

    Dubai, UAE? 🙂
    Whether I win or lose, I want that little souvenir. 😛

  2. M (@LadyInGhoonghat) says

    My first (strong) guess is Egypt, but ‘coz it’s been already guessed by others, I’ll say Israel.

  3. Priyanka Bhat says

    or It may be Tel Aviv, Israel or Shram EL Shaikh, Egypt coz these two are famous for the beaches for sure 🙂

  4. Of the 72 guesses here, on Facebook and on Twitter, only 3 got it right. I’m going to Bahrain!

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