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I’m Going to Canada!

You heard that right. I’m one of 28 international bloggers to be invited by the Canadian Tourism Commission this May, for what sounds like an incredible trip to explore the maple leaf country. I’m going to be the only travel blogger from India, so that’s a little overwhelming!

This 15-day trip will start in Vancouver, often ranked among the best cities to live in. From there, we’ll board the VIA Rail to the mountain town of Jasper, and to Winnipeg in the Canadian Prairies. The trip will end in Toronto, where we’ll be part of TBEX, the greatest international travel blogging conference. Seeing another one of my travel bucket list items turn to reality is unbelievably exciting!

This will be a trip of firsts for me – My first trip to the continent of North America. My first trip with a group of international travel bloggers (I’ve interacted with some of them, but only over Twitter). And my very first time at TBEX.

Words are difficult to find in all this excitement, so I’m going to let this little introductory video, that I made for the Canadian Tourism Commission, do the talking:


I’d love to have your recommendations on local hangouts, offbeat experiences, and culinary (vegetarian) delights in Vancouver, Jasper, Winnipeg and Toronto. I leave on 18th May.

You can follow my adventures live on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, The Shooting Star and Canadian Tourism’s Tumblr. Looking forward to your virtual company!


Featured image by Patty O’Hearn Kickham.



  1. Congratulations!
    That’s indeed a great achievement.
    Enjoy your trip and blog live…we’ll have a virtual tour of Canada too…:-)


  2. Geetanjali says

    thats awesome news……..wish you a great trip 🙂

    have fun and enjoy yourself


  3. Very proud to see you going places (atleast some of us do go after all.. 😀 ) Take the public transport in Toronto (apparently, quite amazing), that’d be my only recommendation as I am not pretty much versed around that part of the world. I have also heard Montreal is beautiful, would suggest you go there as well.


    • Thanks so much Nikhil! I will. Not sure if I can extend this trip and go to Montreal, figuring that out now!


  4. Saida says

    I enjoy reading your blog living here in Vancouver and traveling with you. It’s a beautiful city. Welcome to Canada. If you need an assistance or smth don’t hesitate to contact me. Cheers.


    • Thank you so much, Saida 🙂 Would you have any recommendations in Vancouver for me? Best kept secrets of the city? 🙂


  5. Congratulations ! happy for you:) I visited your blog 3-4 days ago and i instantly connected to a lot of things and places that you wrote about. Subscribing to your blog and looking forward to reading your posts 🙂


    • Thanks Shweta! I’m glad you found a connection here. Looking forward to your virtual company on my travels!


  6. Congratulations on this amazing opportunity! I hope you love my country and I know you will have an amazing time. In Toronto check out Kensington Market, it has to be one of my favourite places in the city.


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  9. paramjeet singh says

    I am not satisfied Canada visa office two and half months my passport in visa office but refused my visa application


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