Month: October 2015


Meeting The Real Nomads: The Bedouins of Wadi Finan in Jordan.

Under a million stars in the pitch-black sky and the occasional cry of the desert fox, I let the cool breeze lull me to sleep. Surrounding me are the stark, barren, make-your-eyes-sore mountains of Wadi Finan, and in the distance, a community of Bedouins have pitched their tents. The constellations above me are their compass, a half-dry stream their source of water, and nomadism the only way of life they know. It took us four sweaty hours in the old car of our Jordanian friend from the mountains of Orjan, then a bumpy four-wheel drive to arrive here. We left the last traces of civilization behind when we turned off the Dead Sea highway that connects the country from north to south, and were left awestruck by the lonely desert landscapes that these nomads choose to call home. Why would anyone choose to live here? That was the only thought swirling in my mind when we entered the earthy Feynan Ecolodge – an off-the-grid lodge managed and run entirely by the Bedouin people who live in this community. …

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Contest Alert: Travel Anywhere in The World With Lufthansa!

In my four years of traveling, I’ve met a lot of people, made some friends, lost some too and said many goodbyes. Making unexpected connections with people I meet in remote corners of the world is at the same time, blissful and heartbreaking. Deep within, I know that no matter what, my itchy feet will keep me moving. So when Lufthansa announced their Diwali contest, it immediately struck a chord with me. It’s the perfect excuse to reconnect with friends in another part of the world, with a chance to win flight tickets to go see them or have them come visit you! What do you win? 9 lucky winners will win pairs of return flight tickets to any country connected by the Lufthansa network! That means you could be going to see friends / family anywhere from Southeast Asia to South America, and they could be coming to see you. How’s that for an excuse to get back in touch with everyone we’ve met on our travels? As part of this contest, Lufthansa has also partnered with Help Alliance to support their projects …

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Easy Ways to Take Awesome Photos When You Travel Solo.

When I travel alone and post an introspective photo of myself gazing into a magnificent horizon beyond, I often get asked if a photographer is shadowing me. The answer is no, but thanks for the compliment! Those dreamy pictures rarely do justice to the overwhelming feeling of solitude, in a place of raw beauty. Indeed, some of my earliest travels, like to pristine Bunaken in Indonesia and remote north-western Vietnam went completely uncaptured. I eventually decided to start taking photographs on my travels in the hope that it will lure others to kick their comfort zone and go exploring. I now use my beloved iPhone 6 and handy Sony Cybershot RX II on the road, and here are my tips: Remotely control your camera with a smartphone This is my favorite way to get an introspective shot. I connect my camera using its internal wifi to my iPhone, so I can see exactly how I look in the frame and have no time limit. It works brilliantly, so much so that I prefer getting my own photos even when I’m …