Growing up

Two words. It sucks.

Today at my interview, they asked me how old I was.


“Oh my God. You’re a baby!”

Yes I am! Please let me be that way.

But no. I have to decide when to graduate, whether prolonging my college stay is worth financially, if taking extra courses will be valuable. I have to figure out where I start my career, the kind of job I’d look for, how I’d find it, if I’m even ready to take that next step. My apartment contract gets over soon, so I need to decide where I live next, if I’ll get a room at the much sought-after hostels, if not what my alternatives would be. Meanwhile, I wait to hear the outcome of my interview today, whether I’ll get in, and what I’ll do next. Amid all this confusion, I see a horrible result, strictly grade-wise, in the one subject that I’m considering as a viable career option. It makes me question if the grade is indeed a sign, and if I should fight my way and prove it wrong, or just accept that I’m not good enough. Then there’s the bigger picture. What I want from life, where I see myself, which way I’m heading and all of that. Of course, I think I’m not having enough fun too.


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  1. I was planning to write something along similar lines. But you have quoted most of it rather well. Guess I’ll just copy-paste. 😛

    Nice post, i think its true for quite a lot of people in college days.

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