In the world of terror

Last night’s bomb blasts in Delhi were a crude reminder of how far we still need to go, as the human race. As though natural calamities aren’t already enough for us to fight against, we are even struggling to fight things that we can have complete control over. Fear, terror, death, suffering, hatred. Is that going to be the new face of our “evolved” human society?

I suppose the following statement, by the terrorist organization behind the attack, puts our entire belief system into perspective:

“We the Indian Mujahideen, ask Allah, the Almighty, to accept from us these nine explosions which were planned to be executed in the holy month of Ramadan.”

I can’t help but ask how ‘the Almighty’ can be a silent spectator to such atrocity.

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  1. The statement by the Indian Mujahideen tells us how ridiculously narrow-minded we are. Not to mention ironic. Every act of terror in the world has political motivations and religion is the perfect scapegoat, on which the entire blame can be laid on. Which is why, I’ve always wanted to go back in time and spank Pandora! 😀

  2. Indian Mujadinins are the product of politicians. I am sure these idiots are no way Mulsiims because no Muslim can kill innocents or his enemy swearing in teh name of Ramdan. We should think of political angle of this baslts when electionis nearing and one part is raising all sorts of communal issues.

  3. @ Nikhil, Farhan: I absolutely agree with you both. Political motives are being camouflaged under the context of religion. It’s a shame really. I wonder what exactly the leaders of such organizations tell people to convince them to perform such inhumane acts.

    I’m with you Nikhil. Damn Pandora and her big box :@ !

  4. I have never believed in those people that kill in the name of God. It’s such a shame and disgrace how God is used as a reason to feed their ego or some sort. I condemn it.

    By the way do you have any family and relatives in Delhi? I hope they’re alright..

  5. @ sylvgee: they’re alright, thanks for asking : )

  6. I remember quote of UG, “That messy thing called ‘mind’ has created many destructive things. By far the most destructive of them all is God”. Well, the statement made me to believe in this quote.

  7. Whatever be the case ! The culprits should be hanged until death !

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