When Mars met Wrigley

The merger that will kick Nestle’s ass, and Hershey’s and Cadbury’s. If it goes through of course. Same was said of the fizzled out Wrigley-Hershey’s deal once. Anyway, more than their merger, the fact that Mars is being supported in funding by Warren Buffet whose also getting a stake in Wrigley, is the reason for all the buzz. Wrigley will add to its Juicyfruit, Eclipse, Orbit by taking over Mars’ non-choco business (read skittles for the most part). Besides sheer power in the industry, Mars+Wrigley implies an increase, not in the advertising spend alone, but in the advertising heads, if both retain their agencies. Pedigree (a Mars brand) owes its the-way-we-know-it-today identity to TBWA. The other Mars agency is BBDO, which also has Wrigley as its client. And DDB is Wrigley’s second agency. So the Marsley (from my affection for word blends – Mars + Wrigley = Marsley) marriage means three ad-heads, tons of marketing platform, and more leverage for both. Let’s hope for a wedded brand too, of the nature of Snorbit (Snickers + Orbit) or Snipse (Snickers + Eclipse) 🙂

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