GOLD for India at Olympics 08!!!

This morning, India won it’s first GOLD medal at the Olympics! Abhinav Bindra, 25, shot his way to victory in the 10 meters Air Rifle Shooting. It’s been 28 years since India won gold in the Olympics. The last such victory was the Hockey Team’s, 1980. And it’s the FIRST time ever that an Indian won a Gold in the individual category!! India is basking in all the Olympics glory now. Go, India, go!

It was such a proud moment, even as viewed on television. With China in the second place and Finland in the third, Abhinav Bindra clinched the gold in the Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing. The Indian Flag was unravelled in tune to the Indian national anthem. Thousands of spectators stood to attention, saluting and honoring India’s achievement. Really, so proud a moment!

Imagine it. 205 nations, 10,500 athletes, 1 gold medal for air rifle shooting. And India scores it! Fantastic is the word. In a cricket-crazy country, this gold is really the beginning of a new era in the sports history of India. It is a tribute to the immense sporting talent in India.

You make us so proud, Abhinav. All hail, India!

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  1. Dil jeet liya bhai….jiyo hajaro sal…..medal late raho…..indain ka sar uncha karte raho…

  2. P.A.Mohamed Ameen says:

    Congratulations Abhinav, this is a fantastic achievement at a young age of 25. You have brought honour and respect to India a huge country that produces very little in terms of sports achievements in International events simply because of our bad political management, but your success is wonderful Keep it up May you be blessed.
    Long Live Indian secularism.
    P.A.Mohamed Ameen

  3. congrats..abhinav..u have made us proud…it is a great moment of indian sporting history..nd u have become a living epitome of this grand folkfore……cheers!!

  4. yes………its really a proud moment for all of us. Thanks for your post……

  5. Eric Cheng says:

    China will be the country win the most GOLD.

  6. Well, I suppose it will be. It’s 1100 athletes vs our 57, after all. At least in air rifle, we shot past China and clinched the gold 🙂

  7. Abhinav is in history of indian sports… Great victory yaar…

  8. Since past 4 days I have been on cloud nine. I dont know exactly when was the last time, India lost the cricket series and still there is a smile on my face. I was a circketaholic since teenage days. I dont know why, but my interest in cricket is gradually fading away…(maybe it is due to tooo much cricket). India desperately needed a star outside cricket world to follow. I am glad Bindra did it. A slap in the face to much-pampered but non-delivering cricket demi-gods !!!

  9. first individual gold ever.. cooool

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