The moral microscope

Life is filled with contradictions, cliches, constants and conflicts. There are no absolutes, no black & whites. We tend to govern our lives with fundamental principles, but the rate at which these principles evolve is also the rate at which we mature. And with maturity comes a sense of incredulity at the things we have believed in,  prioritised and valued.

Personally, whenever I muse about moralities, and more now than ever, my arguments scatter on uneven grounds. On the one hand, life is way too short to assess each situation under the moral microscope and do what seems “right”, than simply embrace a moment and flow with it. This is particularly true when you purely believe in science, or disbelieve in any form of rebirth. Karma, I suppose, comes into play only in matters which exert an influence, good or bad, on others. On the other hand, however, a society devoid of morals will undoubtedly become a chaos fest, and the guilt does bear a certain inexplicable weight on the mind. I guess my dilemma is whether it is really worth contemplating, assessing and judging a situation based on its moral implications when its impact is, in all likelihood, negligible in even the smaller scheme of things.

There are so many issues which on face value are presumed to be right or wrong, prey to the fallacy of tradition. It is only when we open ourselves to re-evaluating them in context of our evolved values that we can find a perspective that was obvious all along. Take anything from abortion to suicide to mercy-killing, it fits. Modern-thinking might be tainted by just that, but it is our generation that will shade the blacks, whites and greys of tomorrow.

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  1. Thought provoking stuff! I so agree with the statement in the last sentence of the write up; beautifully put! 🙂

  2. @ Chiranjib: I hope it makes you think too 🙂

    @ Aadil: Thanks Aadil!

  3. everything is relative..the suicide bomber believes he is right , we believe we are right…all of us ultimately try to define things to have a sense of belonging..

    Ultimately every action is good , for after all a song needs its highs and lows…

  4. @ Valerine: Thanks for the award!

    @ Vishesh: Well said, although relativity can never quite be separated from rationality to justify itself, as in the case of suicide bombers.

  5. I think it is not about being right or wrong. There are no parameters for that. What is right for me might be wrong for you.
    The question should be ‘why?’ There has to be a thought behind doing something. If you are blindly following something without applying your own brain and not understanding the reasons behind the act, then the act is worthless. It does not mean anything. Its just like breathing. You just do it because it has to be done.

  6. @ Amit: Absolutely. Unfortunately, some things have so long been classified as right and wrong that people have forgotten to ask that question.

  7. Shivya, that was really a thought provoking post. From your comments on posts elsewhere, I am under the assumption you are under 25 but the way you think is really wise beyond your age. I especially liked your last line. 🙂
    PS : I am kinda thinking you are a young female Gandalf! 😉 Looking forward to more such thought provoking posts from you. 🙂

  8. Very well written 🙂
    So uve got me thinking.. (which is obviously not a very nice thing because it happens once in several years)..i for one am a believer in the law of karma over multiple births… strangely i believe in science and rational thinking… and the law of karma seems to be the only rational way of explaining the inequality n this world(havs, have nots) that you described in your asha build post (u described it as ‘odds at birth were only slightly tilted in our favor’)

  9. Are you absoulty sure about your opinion?
    When one is young it is okay to change ones opnion on many things easily. But when one gets old it should be very hard to change ones mind. If one is older and it is easy to change ones mind then there is no depth to the person. Strong beliefs come from a struggle and the struggle fleshes out the false. Struggle now and believe strongly then you will know right and wrong.

  10. @ TheThoughtfulTrain: Haha, Gandalf, really?! Thanks for the encouragement. Although now I kind of feel old! (I’m 21 :D)

    @ Jayesh: Thanks Jayesh 🙂 I once believed in multiple births too I guess, but the more I think about it, the more it seems to be a belief born out of far-fetched imagination. It’s a subject to be talked about in great detail. So the next time you choose to ‘think’ again, find me online!

    @ Grayquill: I hope you are right. Except that from what I see around me, a lot of adults seem to hang on to their beliefs despite their obvious irrationality. The only reason I can decipher is that they are too scared to think now, to struggle again and to let go what has been tradition all along. Personally, I think beliefs are a factor of mature thinking which sometimes has nothing to do with age at all. Won’t you agree?

  11. manchitra says:

    “Choti Muh se badi Baath”.Shivya your post has set me thinking. We never questioned and never thought when we were following certain beliefs, values and simply followed them . The ups and downs of life has also taught me valuable lessons. Looking back I feel things have gone well for me .It also depends on the kind of environment we are exposed to.

    I think you are really analytical and I feel it is a good trait. I think though I am much older than you I have some lessons to learn from your post.Hope all youngsters would apply their mind well before acting or venturing into something.
    Really love your posts.

  12. thethoughtfultrain says:

    Hey Shivya, you havent posted in a while. Do come up with something. Hope you are okay dokey?

  13. What a great post! Loved every bit of it.
    Rolling you!

  14. @ Manchitra: Thanks Manchitra 🙂 Somehow, we blindly accept that as adults, we always know what’s right and wrong, but there is only a thin line between the 2. It probably doesn’t even have anything to do with adulthood!

    @ Thethoughtfultrain: Okey dokey indeed 🙂 Been fighting the blogger’s block!

    @ Ramya: Thanks Ramya, and welcome to the shooting star 😀

  15. Hmmm… I disagree with a lot in this post.
    I’d like to encourage you to keep asking.
    Rights n Wrongs – relative or absolute.
    It’s exciting to see you at the place that you’re in. Don’t stop asking.
    Don’t settle for anything that still doesn’t bring peace in your heart.


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