How to Pamper Yourself for Just One Day in Mumbai.

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Got just one day in Mumbai? All the fancy indulgences – food, cocktails, bars and seaside spots – that await you over 24 hours in Mumbai.

Back when I was a Delhi-dweller, I always felt a tad bit jealous of the way people in Bombay talked about the city. The je ne sais quoi, the laid back attitude, the cosmopolitan food. Every time an opportunity took me to Bombay, I indulged in the city. I talked to street vendors peddling their wares, baristas in coffee shops, the cabbies I rode with, and every time, the chalta hai way of life in the “city of dreams” shone through.

One day in Mumbai might be too short to experience that spirit of Bombay, but it can certainly give you a flavor of the city, literally and figuratively.

These luxury travel recommendations are compiled from my various trips, and focus on the western suburbs of the city:


JW Marriott, Juhu

Facing the waters of the Arabian Sea, JW Marriott is pure indulgence. Unlike most luxury hotels in Bombay, it takes great pride in its chefs, resulting in some of the best fine dining alternatives in the city – Thai at Spices, Spanish at Arola, Indian at Saffron. The rooms are spacious yet cosy, many with glass panels overlooking Juhu Beach.

Svenska Design Hotel, Andheri

A boutique hotel with chic designer rooms, an iPad and a Wii for in-room use, complimentary foot or back massage, rainforest showers, mood lighting and free Wifi, Svenska is a great alternative to explore Bombay.

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jw marriott mumbai, jw marriott review, bombay 24 hours
One day in Mumbai | My royal lotus suite at JW Marriott.


Indigo Deli, Andheri

Indigo Deli is a cosy cafe with a sumptuous breakfast to shake off those early morning blues. Try their artisan sandwiches for a hearty start to the day.

Bombay Baking Company, Juhu. 

There’s no better way to while away a lazy monsoon morning than at JW Marriott’s own signature bakery, BBC. I tried the grilled veggie sandwich and fruit crepes, which oozed with freshness. It’s also a great place for stargazing (the Bollywood types) in the early hours; I spotted a certain khiladi there!

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indigo deli bombay, bombay 24 hours
One day in Mumbai | Photo:


Silver Beach Cafe, Juhu

A chic space with a wine cellar, wooden flooring, glass panels, and an open kitchen, Silver Beach Cafe sits cosily in a neighborhood that makes you reminisce about Capri in Italy! I hear their focaccia sandwiches and ratatouille risotto are to die for.

Global Fusion, Bandra

Global Fusion massive buffet of all oriental cuisines – Singaporean, Thai, Malaysian, Indian Chinese, Japanese, you name it. What better way to unwind over a slow lunch, or while away a lazy Sunday?

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silver beach cafe bombay, bombay 24 hours, bombay blogs, one day in mumbai, 24 hours in mumbai
24 hours in Mumbai | Photo: Silver Beach.


Birdsong – The Organic Cafe (my fav spot for one day in Mumbai)

A cosy, hip cafe quietly tucked away in Bandra, Birdsong is a favorite among writers, freelancers and the creative type. Both for the window-side seating for people-watching, and the delicious food.


Aurus, Juhu

Its romantic, alfresco setting right by the Arabian Sea is reason enough for a visit, especially during sunset or under the moonlit skies. Then there are exotic cocktails to sample, like the Tangy and Pear-tini.

Vie Lounge, Juhu

A beach cafe by day, a romantic sunset spot by evening, and a chic seaside lounge by night. They say their mediterranean food is a must try!

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aurus juhu, aurus bombay, one day in mumbai, 24 hours in mumbai
One day in Mumbai | Photo: Aurus.


Escobar, Bandra

The longest bar in India with an alfresco terrace, this is the place to be seen on a true blue Bombay night. Dress in your finest, sip those delicious martinis, and know that this is the namesake of a Colombian drug lord, whose life you’re temporarily living up!

Arola, Juhu (must-do over one day in Mumbai)

Transport yourself to Spain at this tapas bar; think patata bravas, sangria and gin cocktails, a female DJ, and lots of eye candy!

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arola jw marriott, arola
24 Hours in Mumbai | Photo: Arola at JW Marriott.


Moshe’s, Bandra

If you’re in the mood for a chilled out dinner with conversation, Moshe’s is the place. Feast on falafel wraps, eggplant sandwiches, fresh blended juices, and homemade chocolate cookies like I did.

Pali Village Cafe, Pali Hill.

Set in an old, restored bungalow, it’s hard to describe the rustic and laid back, yet chic ambiance of Pali Village Cafe. Their continental fare is delicious, but the real cherry on the cake is their chocolate fondant.

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pali village cafe, bombay 24 hours
One day in Mumbai | Photo: TripAdvisor.

How would you recommend indulging during one day in Mumbai?

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  1. I wonder, how can u afford to stay in 5 star hotels !! if these hotels sponsor ur stay then I am jealous.

    1. Svenska isn’t a five star, but stayed there during a conference I think. JWM was sponsored though!

  2. Svenska hotel just stole my heart. Now I have a tab open on the side where I’m going to go and hope for reasonable prices 😉

    1. Call them directly! I think the prices advertised on their website are much higher. Good luck 😉

  3. Nice list! Well, I am yet to discover this side of Mumbai. I have mostly seen the street life which is more pungent! Fish is delicious in South Mumbai.

    1. It somehow ended up being a plush collection, since I’ve mostly been to Bombay on invites / conferences / shoots etc. I’d like to spend some time there and see the other side. Will look you up for suggestions!

    1. Oh. I went there quite a while back and their website is still alive and kicking, so assumed it’s business as usual. Zomato suggests it’s delisted though 🙁

    1. Oh you do, Lauren! It sure has some awesome food options, and an energy that I can’t quite put my finger on 🙂

  4. Next time you’re in Bombay, do check out Chez Moi in Bandra or Oshiwara (the Bandra one’s prettier and original) and Corniche in Bandra too! pretty places both! There’s also Andorra’s Cafe in Bandra for really yummy freshly baked stuff, from rolls to cakes to everything else. To be honest, there are too many awesome places to eat around here! Maybe I’ll do a post on a few someday soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Sanket, they all look pretty awesome, shall check them out next time 🙂 Yes please, go ahead and do that post so I have a new list of places to try!

  5. Awesome post this! Some more suggestions:

    1. Street side Pavbhaji- Amar juice centre in vile parle – you can even try their fruit custard
    2.Vada pao- Dheeraj opp Mithibai
    3. Theobrama for desert- Bandra/ Town – yummiest deserts ever
    4. Pani puri at elco, bandra
    5. Candies cafe at Pali hill, Bandra
    6. Bagel Shop at Bandra
    7. Aromas of China- Andheri
    8. Prithvi theatre, Juhu

    1. Thanks Mansee, and those suggestions sound awesome! Can’t wait to try each of them.

  6. Lovely suggestions, but most of them are elite. Just my two cents, of course. As much as the essence of Mumbai (or, for that matter, any city) lies in such exclusive places, it lies too in the streets and alleys and markets.

    1. I completely agree. Somehow I’ve only been in Bombay on invites and conferences, hence ended up sampling such places alone. Need to spend more time on my own budget there!

  7. The Mumbai city is probably one of its kind that can provide you a luxury dinner, a street side shopping experience, a chill by the sea and a classy lunch.
    nice presentation.

  8. This city deserves a stay for at least a week. My stay wasn’t in a svenska, but in my cousins house who was about to vacate the house. My sleep was in a small patch of floor, my washroom was in the McDonald’s me t door, my breakfast in the Belapur station. But Mumbai offered me the best. Nice post.

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