Gold for India [Part II]

My Olympic obsession continues [see post below]. Well, it’s all that’s been on television today and comeon, we can’t blame them news channels. The Olympics fever is finally spreading its fire all over India. Abhinav Bindra’s victory is a victory for all of India. A victory bigger than the self, as he might put it. I managed to locate Abhinav Bindra’s blog on his road to Beijing, with entries pre-dating his triumph. I admire his humility.

Our first GOLD has subtly raised hopes for more medals too. Saina Nehwal has made it to the Badminton quarter finals. Two matches away from stardom. Good luck, girl.

Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza are yet to hit the tennis courts and do India proud.

Abhinav, in the meantime, has been showered with monetary rewards from the various state governments. And a Golden Railway Pass from Laloo, our Railway minister. And a generous 25 lakh from BCCI. The Cricket Board of India rewards an Olmypics medalist? A little strange, aye. I suppose it’s guilt. The way India has been transformed into a cricket fanatic nation and athletics have been neglected all along. All that is changing, right? Abhinav Bindra, in his post victory speech, said he hoped that his gold would change the Indian government’s attitude towards Olympics and athletics in general. If a gold is what it takes, then so be it. There’s so much talent in India, it sucks to not see it nurtured. Okay, I won’t digress and recede into debatable topics just yet. I’m rejoicing still in Abhinav’s win. And keeping my fingers crossed for Saina and the tennis squad.

Today is India’s GOLDen day!

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