Happy Independence Day, India

15th August is when every Indian heart beats to the rhythm of the Indian national anthem and all eyes sparkle in the glory of the Indian tricolor. Every Independence Day, a dream is born. A dream to see India rise above all else, and become an epitome of peace, secularism and development. 62 years ago, India freed itself from the colonial shackles of the British empire. Indian freedom fighters displayed undaunted courage, and drowned their lives in a patriotic wave that has swept the country since. This Independence Day, let’s pledge in our hearts to work towards a united, educated, truly liberated India.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” I borrow these words from Margaret Mead, very applicable in the context of India.

Every time you bloat in Indian pride, the fire of a nation is rekindled. Every morning that you pray to God, any God, a nation’s secularism is renewed. Every day that you speak no foul word, a nation’s peace is preserved . Every evening that you keep the litter off the street, a nation’s dignity is upheld. Every night that you dream of doing something greater, a nation’s people swell with appreciation. A nation that is ours. Our India.

I am not a hopeless romantic, unaware of the state of our nation, fantasizing in the glory that once was. But for years now, we’ve all focussed on everything that’s wrong in our country. Let’s shut those windows today. Let’s look deep down, at the love, the unity, the acceptance, the forgiveness, the suffering, the strength, the courage, the wisdom within us. Let’s look past faults, at the patriotism, the unity, the brotherhood, the peace, the hospitality, the spirituality around us.

Let’s work together to build the India that we’ve forever longed for.

Happy Independence Day, friend.

[Made a sticky post from this time last year. Thanks, inertia!]

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  1. Hi,
    You wrote a beautiful article. May I know about You please?


  2. You should consider being a journalist :)…am serious

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  4. manchitra says:

    Was actually waiting for your posts. Apt one for the Independence day. Like you said let’s all work together to make our nation a great one.

  5. Congratulations on your day of independence!
    Keep working for the goodness!

    Go well! 🙂

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