How I Manage Visas on My Indian Passport As I Travel Around the Globe.

Post updated 2020. A major challenge for Indian travellers are the Indian passport visa requirements. But we can’t let tedious visa applications or the color of our passport stop us from travelling the world, can we? This post looks at easy visa countries for Indians, countries to travel without visa from India, visa on arrival for Indian citizens, scoring a long-term US visa for Indian citizens and other visa hacks to fulfill our travel dreams.

On a sweltering hot summer day, I stood on the street outside the Embassy of Georgia in Delhi. Beads of sweat lined my forehead and anger boiled my blood. I had been waiting for almost two hours past my appointment time, outside the gate of the Georgian Ambassador’s residence in India – which doubled as their embassy. It would be another hour of cursing my Indian passport, melting in the hot sun, pleading with the guard to let me in, chatting with the Punjabi family who had waited even longer than me… before I’d score a short-term tourist visa to enter the country of Georgia.

But if you ask me now about Georgia, that’s not the part I remember. My mind only conjures up images of hiking to a dreamy 700-year-old church in the dramatic snow-capped backdrop of Mount Kazbeg, cycling to the Russian border, and soul-searching amid the surreal Caucasus Mountains. I remember local cabbies in Tbilisi singing ‘ichak dana-beechak dana’ when they heard I was from India, running into the waves of the Black Sea on a pebbly beach near Batumi, being offered a shot of whisky with breakfast in the remote Racha region.

That’s the thing about traveling the world on an Indian passport; frustrating though it is, it is totally worth the chance to breathe, feel and experience a part of the world so different from ours.

[Looking for Indian passport visa requirements for a specific country? Ctrl+F to find it in the list below]

I don’t have a house (aka address proof) or a salaried job, yet I’ve managed to fulfill the Indian passport visa requirements of over 60 countries. Here’s how I do it:

Prioritise visa-free countries for Indian passport holders and those that offer visa on arrival for Indian citizens

indian passport visa requirements, visa on arrival countries for indian citizens
Soaking in the beauty of Northern Thailand.

If you hold an Indian passport, you’ve probably cursed it a fair few times when it comes to ease of travelling. I know I have. I’ve enviously looked at the passports of German co-passengers, who can travel to 177 countries (out of 218) without applying for a visa in advance. Show up at an airport, pick a destination, go. Oh, how liberating that must feel.

On the other hand, our navy blue Indian passport allows visa on arrival for only 59 countries. Of those, a fair few are remote Pacific and Caribbean islands, and cost a fortune to get to. But I’m not here to dwell on the miseries and frustrations of managing Indian passport visa requirements. I’m here to tell you, we can travel nonetheless, and we must.

For starters, we still have over 40 epic countries, both in our own backyard (Nepal, Thailand) and halfway across the world (Ecuador, Tanzania), where our Indian passports get visa on arrival or visa free entry. We have no right to complain until we’ve explored these to our heart’s (and wallet’s) content, right?

Visa free countries for Indian passport holders + Visa on arrival countries for Indian citizens

Where I’ve been

  • Bhutan: Visa on arrival for 14 days if you fly in to Paro airport; visa on arrival for 7 days if you enter via the land border at Phuentsholing. I was asked for proof of accommodation. Visa extensions are possible at the immigration office in Thimphu, but only for 6-7 days.
  • Cuba: Visa on arrival tourist card for 30 days. When I landed at Havana airport, they took my passport into another room for examination, but ultimately stamped me in with a tourist card.
  • Ecuador: No visa needed for 90 days; the immigration officer did look at my US visa though.
  • Ethiopia: 30 days visa on arrival; the immigration officer asked me why I was there (just travelling) and how long I planned to stay (a month), but didn’t ask me to show any documents.
  • Indonesia: No visa needed for 30 days; no questions asked.
  • Jordan: 14 days visa on arrival; the embassy requirements say you need to show 1000$ in cash to enter, but many people on Twitter confirmed they weren’t asked. I had a letter from Jordan Tourism confirming I’m a travel blogger, so I wasn’t asked to show financial proof.
  • Maldives: 30 days visa on arrival; I had to show my return flight ticket and was asked where I was staying.
  • Mauritius: No visa needed for 30 days; I was asked to show my accommodations details and return flight.
  • Seychelles: Visa on arrival for 3 months; I was asked to show my return flight.
  • Tanzania: Visa on arrival for 90 days; I entered and got my visa at Zanzibar airport; the immigration officer asked where I’ll be staying.
  • Thailand: Visa on arrival for 15 days; when I visited in 2015, it turned out that they’ve scrapped the slightly more expensive priority queue, so getting a VOA involved waiting in a long line for almost 3 hours. I’ve heard that the queues are shorter if you land in the morning / early afternoon.
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Visa not required for 90 days; the immigration officer asked me to show my return flight.

On my wishlist

  • Bolivia: Visa on arrival for Indian citizens for 90 days.
  • Dominica: Visa free travel for Indians. Visa not required for 6 months.
  • Fiji: Travel without visa from India. Visa not required for 4 months.
  • Jamaica: Visa not required for 6 months.
  • Laos: Indian passport offered visa on arrival for 30 days.
  • Madagascar: Visa on arrival for 30 days.
  • Nepal: Visa free country from India. Visa not required.
  • Saint Lucia: Visa on arrival for 6 weeks.
  • Timor Leste: Visa on arrival for 30 days.

Check out Expedia’s Visa Free Destinations for Indians tool, for a glimpse of where to go, when to plan your trip, and all the good food that awaits you. These countries offer the easiest Indian passport visa requirements by far!

Look for e visa countries for Indian passport

indian passport visa requirements, e visa countries for indian passport, georgia e visa for indians
Hiking in northern Georgia.

A little more effort than just booking a flight and showing up, but quick and pretty hassle-free. The Indian passport visa requirements are usually pretty straightforward. Most countries offering e-visa for Indian citizens require that you upload your information and documents online, and carry a print-out (or e-copy on your phone) of the approved visa.

Countries offering e visa for Indian citizens

Where I’ve been

  • Bahrain: E-visa for 14 days; I was invited on a cultural exchange trip and my Bahraini hosts arranged the visa.
  • Georgia: It now issues an e-visa for 90 days; lucky us! unfortunately there have been repeated reports of Indian travellers being deported from Tbilisi airport despite a valid e-visa and proper documents, so please beware.
  • Iran: E-visa is available for Indians, but mine got rejected; I’ve heard the same from many others. I had to get a visa code from an Iranian travel company and apply at the Iran embassy in India.
  • Malaysia: E-visa for 7 days; back when I travelled there, a visa was needed in advance.
  • Myanmar: E-visa for 28 days; the process is simple and efficient. I received my e visa within 12 hours, valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
  • Singapore: Although they offer e-visa for Indian passport, you can only apply for one through a friend who holds a Singapore PR / SingPass, or through a travel agent. It’s a bit strange, but I applied through a resident friend on my recent trip to Singapore, and the process only took a day.
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka visa for Indian passport is super easy! E visa for 30 days. I’ve scored it online twice. Quick and easy.
  • Tajikistan: E visa for 45 days; special permit needed to visit the Pamir Highway, which can be applied for at the time of submitting the e-visa. I crossed the land border from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan and was stamped in without any questions.
  • Uzbekistan: E visa for 30 days; ensure that you upload a passport photo with the right dimensions!
  • Vietnam: E-visa for 30 days; back when I travelled there, I got a visa on arrival.

On my wishlist

Use the US or Schengen visa on an Indian passport to get visa on arrival or visa free entry to other countries

indian passport visa, how to travel on an indian passport
My abode by Lake Atitlan in Guatemala!

The best visa I have on my Indian passport right now is a multiple-entry US B1/B2 visa valid for 10 years! Not only does that allow me to travel to the US often, it also gives me visa-free access or visa on arrival on the Indian passport to some pretty cool countries around the world. Using it, I’ve travelled through most of Central America, parts of the Caribbean, and even Turkey.

Long-term UK and Schengen visas have a similar advantage, but I’ve learnt from experience that these are harder and much more expensive to score. The US tourist visa for Indian citizens is typically issued for 10 years. That means 10 years of relaxed Indian passport visa requirements for several other countries!

Countries that offer Indians visa free entry or visa on arrival with a US / Schengen visa

Where I’ve been

  • Costa Rica: Visa on arrival if you hold a valid visa to Canada, Japan, US or the Schengen zone. I entered over land, and my multiple-entry US visa got me in easy, but I did have to show a bus ticket out of Costa Rica (an open date ticket can be bought at one of the bus booths near the immigration area); I got 30 days twice, and 15 days once.
  • Croatia: Visa on arrival if you hold a multiple-entry Schengen visa.
  • Dominican Republic: No visa needed if you have a valid US, UK or Schengen visa; I was asked my purpose of travel and return date at immigration; 30 days.
  • Georgia: No visa needed if you hold a valid visa for the US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, Schengen or GCC countries. I entered with my valid US visa the second time and could stay for 30 days. Note that Indians are being deported from Tbilisi airport without reason; read more here.
  • Guatemala: No visa needed if you hold a valid US, Canada or Schengen visa; I got stamped in for 90 days; no questions asked.
  • Honduras: No visa needed if you hold a valid US, Canada or Schengen visa; I got a 90-day entry; I was asked about my return plan and my passport was taken to another room for verification.
  • Mexico: Visa not required if you hold a valid US, Canada, Japan, UK or Schengen visa. I got stamped in for 1 month at the land border crossing; no questions asked.
  • Nicaragua: No visa needed if you have a valid US, Canada or Schengen visa. However, I entered the country thrice (since I decided to use it as a base for part of my 6-month Central America trip), and immigration at land-crossings was nightmarish. My friend and I were detained for questioning twice, keeping the entire bus on hold, and I was charged a different visa fee each time. Arrive by air if you can, keep proof of a return flight, and carry some patience! I got 30 days each time.
  • Panama: No visa needed if you have a valid US, UK, Canada, Australia or Schegen visa; immigrating at even land crossings was easy.
  • Philippines: No visa needed with a valid US, Japan, Austral, Canada, Schengen, Singapore or UK visa; I was asked to show my return flight at immigration; 14 days.
  • Romania: No visa needed with a valid Schengen visa for 90 days. We were asked to show our visa the moment we stepped off the flight by a policeman, but immigration after that was a breeze.
  • Turkey: E-visa for 30 days, if you hold a valid Schengen, US, UK, Australia or Canada visa; I’ve used my US visa to obtain a Turkey e-visa.

On my wishlist

  • Albania: Visa not required if you hold a valid, multiple-entry US, UK or Schengen visa
  • Belize: No visa needed if you hold a valid, multiple-entry US visa; an Indian friend who visited in 2016 confirmed that the (infamous) repatriation fee for Indians is no longer required.
  • Colombia: In 2015, Colombia started offering visa on arrival to Indians with a valid US / Schengen visa; 90 days!
  • Ireland & the UK: A valid UK tourist visa can be used to travel in Ireland, and vice versa, under the British-Irish visa scheme.
  • Montenegro: Visa-free for 30 days with a valid Schengen, US, UK or Ireland visa.
  • South Korea: Visa-free for 30 days if you hold a valid visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand or the US, and are in transit to/from that country.

Be smart about visa applications when applying in India

fall colors new york, fall nyc, nyc travel blog
Fall colors in New York City!

I do my fair share of sulking when I need to apply for a visa at a consulate in India. But I thoroughly go over the Indian passport visa requirements and always try to go the extra mile. The hope is that the visa officer might grant me a longer term, multiple entry visa, yet return my passport quickly. Sometimes it works!

US Tourist Visa for Indian citizens: The good part about applying for a US visa (as compared to other visa applications) is that you are not required to show confirmed accommodation or flight bookings. I went the extra mile by getting an invitation letter from my brother who works and lives in the US. I also wrote a cover letter addressed to the visa officer and carried copies of my bank statements. It helps to remain calm (and honest) in the visa interview too.

Read: All my tips to score a US tourist visa on an Indian passport

Canada Tourist Visa for Indians: The visa application process for Canada is pretty standard. Show confirmed flight and hotel bookings for your travels together with a whole stack of documents. Bank statements, proof of employment, income tax returns etc – as listed on the VFS Canada website. Then apply in person. I scored a multiple entry 7-year visa for Canada, and my passport was returned within 2 days!

Read: All my tips to score a Canada tourist visa on an Indian passport

Schengen Visa for Indians: Similar to the Canada visa process. You apply at the embassy of the country you’re going to spend the longest time in, or the one that is your entry point for Europe. If you are making refundable bookings that you plan to change, I suggest you apply at VFS Germany. I’ve found them very efficient and have received my visas within 1-3 days each time. Once you have a Schengen visa, you can enter Europe from and travel to any country within the Schengen zone.

I have 6 Schengen visas on my passport now, all of them expired. Sigh. I managed to score a 1-year multiple-entry visa last year from the German consulate. I went the extra mile by attaching copies of all my expired Schengen visas and details of my past trips to Germany / Europe. I also included a cover letter explaining why a multiple-entry visa is essential in my case. It worked last year, but it didn’t this year.

[Update 2018] For my most recent Schengen visa application, I couldn’t get an appointment in time with VFS Germany, so I applied at VFS Denmark – where you can file your visa application without an appointment. The process was seamless and took 4-5 working days. The only annoying part was that as part of the Denmark visa application, Indian citizens need to submit a color photocopy of their ENTIRE passport. Felt like such a waste of paper and money.

Read: All my tips to score a Schengen (tourist) visa for Europe on an Indian passport

UK Tourist Visa for Indians: One of the most painful visa applications yet. I had 11 working days from the date of my UK trip, and given that the fast track options are ridiculously expensive (~INR 21,000 to get a visa within 3 days; ~INR 70,000 within 1 day), I went for the regular option (INR 7,000).

Unlike most other countries, the UK visa application doesn’t let you check your application status online. Its UK-based helpline (which costs 1.6 pounds a minute to call in addition to the call charges; ridiculous) is unreliable at best. I nearly bit off my nails waiting for that visa, but it came through on the 10th day; phew. The process is similar to the Canada/Schengen visa applications, though they recommend that you don’t confirm your travel bookings before you get the visa. Please give yourself plenty of time (or money) to get your UK visa. I got a 6 month visa; my friends have scored 2-year visas the second time around.

Japan Tourist Visa for Indians: Japan has finally relaxed its Indian passport visa requirements! The applications are to be filed at VFS Japan and you don’t need an appointment. I received a 30-day visa on the 4th working day.

Read: All my tips to score a Japan Visa on an Indian passport

South Africa visa for Indians: While a visa on arrival for Indians in South Africa remains a far-fetched dream, it is possible to score a 90 day multiple-entry South Africa visa! And they’ve waived off visa fee for Indians for now.

Read: All my tips to score a South Africa visa for Indians

Don’t be afraid to try getting a visa in a country where you are not a resident

South Africa photos, visa list for indians, giraffes south africa
A giraffe in my backyard – South Africa!

As someone who travels long term without any fixed plans, I often find myself wanting to visit a different country without going to India in between. Most consulate websites state that you need to be a resident/citizen in the country where you’re applying for a visa, but I’ve managed to plead my case a couple of times – and scored a South African visa in Germany and a Schengen visa in Georgia.

My friend Ashray has had more success doing this while traveling through South America, scoring a visa to Chile in Ecuador, and a (painful) visa to Peru in Chile.

Other practical tips to manage Indian passport visa requirements

Jordan photos, Jordan visa for indians, Jordan travel blogs
Cooling off on a hot day in Jordan.
  • Visa rules change all the time (usually for the better)! Make sure you check the visa consulate section on the embassy website of the country you are traveling to before you go. Call the country’s embassy in India and speak to the consulate section if things are not clear.
  • When traveling to a country that offers visa on arrival to Indian citizens, it’s a good idea to have proof of accommodation (atleast for your first night or two) and a return/onward flight out of the country handy on your phone – or atleast a convincing answer. You usually need the former for immigration forms and the latter to convince hesitant immigration officers.
  • If you plan to quit your job to experiment with long term travel, I urge you to apply for a US tourist visa while you can still get a letter from your employer. It’ll make your other Indian passport visa requirements much easier.
  • Please, don’t work illegally or overstay your visa. It hurts all of us who genuinely want to travel without silly visa restrictions.
  • Share your visa experience on blogs, forums, facebook, wherever – so anyone looking to confirm visa processes can find it, but also so others know that traveling with an Indian passport is not as impossible as it sounds. As more Indians travel, I have no doubt that our visa restrictions will gradually become more relaxed.

It’s just a twist of fate that our navy blue passport makes our travel aspirations a little harder to fulfill.

Travel anyway, because the beauty of the world and its people is worth experiencing.

Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, visa for indians caribbean
Ain’t no sunset like a Caribbean sunset.

Have you had any memorable (too easy or too painful) visa experiences with your Indian passport?

I wrote this post in collaboration with Expedia. This post also contains affiliate links. Those painful (and can’t believe it was so easy) visa experiences and tips are all my own!

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  1. Ujjwal Gogoi says:

    Very informative @Shivya. Thanks a ton for sharing.

    Ujjwal here.

  2. Very useful information! Since I’m Chinese, I have same problem. Thanks for the info πŸ™‚

  3. lovely article .very helpful. I was much older than you (in my 40s) when i quit my job and started travelling the world too. and i’m struggling my way through visas using pretty much the same approach you outlined. incidentally, montenegro lets you in with a valid US visa too (you dont need a schengen one) so that’s one more easy target for you πŸ™‚

    1. That’s interesting to know Arun; have you entered Montenegro with a US visa? I checked their embassy website but that doesn’t seem to suggest this. Any links to verify?

      1. Day trips from Dubronovik, Croatia with reputed tour agents to Kotor, Montenegro are very common and they check only valid Schengen. I had only 3 days in Dubronovik and hence didnt opt but many travelers opted. However with current refuge crisis it might be stricter.

        1. This is gold Arun, thanks for sharing! I’m really hoping to visit Montenegro soon enough now; edited it above too πŸ™‚

          1. Arun Panicker says:

            I’m heading back to montenegro again for a longer trip in a couple of weeks. This time planning Bosnia-Herzegovnia too. And just figured out Bosnia lets you in with a valid multiple entry schengen or any EU state visa if you enter from a schengen or EU state. you can update this on your list. here is an extract from the consulate page.

            Nationals of countries for which a visa is required may enter Bosnia and Herzegovina without a visa for a stay of up to 15 days provided that they hold a valid multiple entry Schengen or EU state visa or a permanent residency permit in a Schengen or an EU state, and further provided that they are arriving to Bosnia and Herzegovina from a Schengen or an EU state.


            1. Hey Arun,

              Did you travel to Bosnia as mentioned? I intend to travel there and to Serbia along with few schengen countries and trying to figure out the visa requirements apart from a multiple entry schengen visa. There is no official declaration that a visa-free entry to Bosnia is allowed for Indian passport holders possessing a multiple entry schengen visa stamped in a schengen country prior.
              Any information would be helpful!

              Apologies for using your blog for reaching out Shivya! Hope you are enjoying your travel in Cuba!

              1. Arun Panicker says:

                Yes Mayura i did. I had a valid croatian multiple entry visa and entered from croatia. had no problems at all. this was in july 2017.

  4. Jatin Doshi says:

    First of all thanks a ton for sharing this…I would like to make one addition from a recent experience..Once you have a valid UK visa…you can travel on the same visa to Ireland also provided you enter the UK first on that visa and then go to Ireland…This is under a scheme called British Irish visa scheme and yes Indian Passport is eligible! So you you can club UK Scotland and Ireland in the same trip with just one UK visa and no schengen visa which was required earlier for Ireland… here is the official link for this info —

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Jatin, this is great! I’ve added it to my wishlist above πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for the wonderful post, Shivya. This would be bible for every Indian traveler.Am gonna book mark this page. Am sure it must have taken loads of research to compile this. Good Job !!

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  7. After reading your post I really appreciate my own Finnish passport… I hope good luck for you and all the other people having hard times getting visas! πŸ™‚

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  9. Have you got your visa at last ?

  10. Great Article, as you have outlined the challenges of travelling as an Indian, do you think a better approach would be to get a better passport/residency that enables rather than disable the passion for travel?

    1. Absolutely Praveen. A residency doesn’t help much, but having a different passport definitely will. Of course, it’s not easy to get another passport. You have to live and work in another country for years and then *maybe* you’d get it πŸ˜‰

      I used to be really possessive about my passport as my identity until a few years ago. But now I know it’s just a document and changing that to another color won’t change anything other than making life so much easier for me! Oh well.

      1. Cuba, Mexico and host of Caribbean nations give you either Visa on Arrival or you are eligible for No Visa on Canadian Permanent Residency. It does not matter if you have USA VIsa or Not. Thank God, I have both πŸ™‚

      2. Any insights on getting a better passport would be great, this indian passport has become a curse for frequent travelling. An embassy recently held mine for almost a month during which we are supposed to wait. Other downsides are that they expect a confirmed hotel reservation for every day of the travel, the VFS people even expect insurance for every day of the trip. on the other hand an american just buys a one way ticket and can make plans on the fly.

        Hence any suggestions on how to do away with the cursed passport to get a better one?

  11. Great post! Well first of all its really amazing to see the amount of traveling you had done by now! πŸ™‚ ….I have not traveled much as you have done for sure, but with with little side passion, research and experience of the few trips i have made so far, it true that getting a visa in India would not be that hard as it sound to be. But I do the other way round, visa cost are always smaller in comparison to flight or hotel cost, so I always lookout for hacker deals on that side, and if you have connects with real actual authorized travel agents (not b2b ones you find everywhere) who only deals in visa services, I mean you never needs to practically do any flight,hotel, insurance etc booking for your visas beforehand. And they usually charge very minimal margin on the actual visa cost, the one you can easily bite! πŸ™‚

    1. Fair enough. I for one, hate dealing with agents. I’d rather do it all myself – especially since in my case, I don’t have letters from my employer, salary receipts, etc. Explaining that to agents is frustrating in itself πŸ˜‰

      1. Ya I can imagine that part, but I mainly use them to save my time Nd money as It can sometimes become hard to balance with my job. But really excited to see your passion.. Looking forward to reading more… Recently followed you on instagram as well! πŸ™‚

  12. deepraj222 says:

    One of the best compilation. Was searching for years.

  13. The only visa I was ever refused was for Morocco and they did not give any reason for it but because they refused it I went to Antarctica!!!

    1. Interesting. I just got a Morocco visa in a super efficient manner. Submitted on Fri got visa on monday

      1. They refused to talk to us and gave a silly reason that a letter stating my leave from work was not submitted even though I had sent them a copy of my sanctioned leave card. The reason I think was my Israeli visa stamp on my passport.

  14. Probably refused as I had an Israeli visa stamped on my passport.

    1. So cool that you went to Antarctica instead Aadil, but that sucks. The whole Israel / Iran stamps on the passport is pretty complicated; I have neither yet, need to plan that carefully.

      Arun, good to know you got your Morocco visa smoothly. I’ve been thinking of going soon!

      1. I’ve had Iran stamped first followed by Saudi Arabia with many extension stamps every 15 days till I completed 82 days in Dammam during the Iraq war till Saddam Hussein was captured but did not have problems with Israel giving me the visa from the Israeli embassy in Cairo, Egypt.

    2. i was thinking of israel too but then this whole visa stamp on the passport issue cropped up. so scrapped the idea and picked morocco instead. the plan now is to go to israel as the last trip (just before my current passport expires). that way the new passport wont show any israel stamp and the middle east is still open to me.

  15. Great informative article. Malaysia e-visa has started from April, 2016 and I travelled in March,2016, just missed the convenience by whiskers. Getting a Singapore tourist visa is a cumbersome job, though they offer a e-visa but either you need to visit an authorised agent or get it done by someone(relative/friend/agent) in Singapore holding a citizenship or PR status. The processing is swift and breezy and usually done by 1 business day.

    1. I missed it by a while too Amitava; back when I lived in Singapore, I had to physically go to apply for a Malaysia visa, although they often gave a 1 year visa. E-visa sounds much better.

      Singapore – I can’t believe that a country that’s otherwise so hassle free has made this e-visa business so complicated. Sigh. I added it above in the list though, thanks for reminding me!

  16. A great page to bookmark. I travel a lot and I think I have million miles air travel. Most of it has been on Business (US, Japan and Europe). The blue passport has prevented adventure. Thanks for the article, now I know where I can go.

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  18. Great info. Thanks for sharing all these details. By the way, Cambodia has a Visa on arrival for 30 days. No question asked. Went there in June.

  19. Sivya,
    Please include East Africa eVisa. You dont need to submit any proof like Hotel bookings etc and gives you entry to 3 countries – Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.
    Indian passport is eligible πŸ™‚

    1. Oh that’s great. Got a link where I can verify this? Will add it in πŸ™‚

  20. It’ll wonderful to hear from someone who has done the stan’s, Russia and mongolia (overland?) on an Indian passport !

  21. Brilliant post, Shivya! Just the information I was looking for today for my friend. Thanks for sharing this! Cheers

  22. That’s an amazing post Shiva. All the minute details on which you have worked are just perfect.

  23. My daughter who is 10 years travelled to USA alone this year in June and we had a very easy and relaxed interview and her visa was approved. Now she has a 10 years US visa whereas her passport has expired (kids only get a passport with 5 year validity) Got the new one issued just a few days back.. I agree when you say that it pays to be honest and straightforward for any visa interview.

  24. hi Shivya Nath!
    i am a fan of your works.. i love to travel like you and see the wonders of the earth..heheh but i need to have a budget for that too..i envy your experience.. thank you so much for more motivation,… i hope to see more of your works… πŸ™‚

  25. Thank You Shivya for this very useful and informative article. Personally i think although it may not be a cakewalk to get visas for a lot of countries with an Indian passport, with a little time spent on research and planning, things are not that crazy afterall. And then we have good samaritans like you making life a lil more easier..! Cheers Shivya & happy travelling πŸ™‚

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  28. I was asked to show the 1000$ when I reached Jordan. I had them, otherwise I’m not sure if I would have been allowed. So I think carrying it is a good idea.

    1. What a strange rule that is; I wonder why bank statements don’t suffice. Thanks for sharing though!

    1. Aww thanks Ayush! I prefer to travel on my own, but I suggest you start with exploring parts of your own backyard, and towns / villages nearby. You’ll be 18 in no time and then there should be no stopping you πŸ˜‰

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        Yeah true, my parents won’t allow me to go anywhere right now anyway.

  29. Venkat Girish Madan Srinivas says:

    Thank you this is Super helpful !!!

  30. Belize is amazing! You should definitely put it high on your list. I went in August, and it was just a dream.

  31. shaji a.k says:

    Thanks dear friend , i so glad your all blogs and details, please reply me how to obtain Europe visit visa i wish to go CZ republic AND Greece,,please reply friendwith friendlyΒ shajiΒ 

  32. This is so awesome! My passport is running out of pages for visas, so I was looking for somewhere I could go visa free. Thank you πŸ™‚

  33. I travelled to Georgia this past September and loved it. I have a residence permit in Kuwait (GCC) and was asked no questions in spite of my blue Indian passport.
    Check out my blog

  34. oh, live the dream! I’m not well traveled, but maybe someday! I had always dreamed of living a nomadic lifestyle. However I never realized how much went into going from one country to the next. I’ve only been to Haiti and not as a civilian, so I’m not sure where to start.
    I hope this isn’t too forward, but how do you manage to fund all your trips and flights etc? Did you already have a little nest egg set aside? Is it money from blogging that is enough? I figure once you travel enough you make contacts throughout the world to connect with once you touch ground. But how to start? If you’ve already written on how you started this journey forgive my questioning, a link to it will suffice my curiosity lol <3

  35. adventuresinrvland says:

    Wow! Great info…. Thanks for sharing! I love travel as well!

  36. Really great article.. This is the common problem.. Thanks for such useful post..

  37. Very imformative πŸ™‚ giving a boost to my travel bug.

  38. Informative Article!
    No doubt you are a nomadic traveller and have such a detail information about visa.

  39. There are some countries where Indian nationals are eligible for Visa that is free of cost and those countries also provide the Visa on Arrival, but in case of Visa on Arrival, Indians have to pay the Visa fee that is equivalent to what others have to pay. Hence, avail the benefit of being an Indian passport holder and the bilateral agreement in place. Please note, Bolivian Visa is free for Indian nationals but not the Visa on Arrival.
    Regarding finances or showing US/ UK Visa/Schengen Visa at Visa free nations, there is no uniform rule. I am a research student and hence without a employment by definition but I wasn’t even asked either for the US Visa or (or any other) or financial position at the Ecuador entry point, and easily stamped for 90 days in November, 2015.

  40. The only article I have come across that goes so deep into the visa territory for the navy blue passports. Great one. Cheers

  41. Brilliant post. Willing to bet this will be among your most visited pages, in the next decade at least. πŸ™‚ ( By when Indian passports might become slightly more useful and less burdensome, a few more bloggers will have some similar write ups, etc.)

  42. How was your trip to Philippines? Is it safe for Indian tourists? Will travel to Philippines affect my US visa application? thanks

  43. You are the “citizen of the world” , why they ask you for all these worldly things…Sad

  44. Today after reading your blog I realized I shouldn’t be missing any blog of yours. Very informative 🀘 good going girl 🍾😊

  45. Such an insightful Information!! Really helpful and in depth.

  46. Hi, thanks for such a useful post.
    However I am still confused as to whether you need to book your flight tickets before the visa interview in case of the UK visa.
    We have booked our accommodation.

  47. Sourabindu says:

    Hi ,
    I have an US B1/B2 visa though I did not travel to US. Am I eligible to get VOA for Phillipines?

  48. meenuverma7799 says:

    Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas!!! Actually i was looking for this. I was having many of doubts. But your ideas clear my all doubts about this. Thanks for sharing this. Hope it may help me too.

  49. Hi Shivya, great post. I have been to Madagascar and its so beautiful, but being a big island needs a lot more time. Its a great place for nature enthusiasts.
    Yes Visa on Arrival was swift process.

  50. Hi shivya, very informative article. I travelled to Uk last month with a standard visitor visa through my company. My official stay was in derby, england. After my official visit, I have managed to travel to Cardiff (Wales), london (england), Edinburgh ( Scotland), Dublin (republic of Ireland). For Dublin I was issued with visa on arrival. This scheme is for Indian and Chinese passport holders who first arrive in UK territory. Additionally, with UK visa you can also travel to northern Ireland. So if you get a UK visitor visa, you can actually travel 5 countries in one trip. I wanted to visit Belfast, capital of northern Ireland but missed out due to time constraints. Visit UK immigration for UK,Irish visa scheme. Cheers, happy travelling to all.

  51. Hi Shivya,

    Love your post. Just an update. I was in Cuba 2 years back and they do not allow Indian passport holders to enter the country on tourist card. I had to get my Cuba tourist visa stamped in Delhi to visit this lovely nation. During that time, internet was still dodgy and I had to wait for hours for questioning at the airport. The reason was my solo traveler status and they simply do not quite get the concept of working online. Internet was still dialup at a cruel 25 USD/ hour rate, so you get the picture. I suggest that for Cuba, you get a pre approved visa and make sure that you mention your job something as easy to understand as trainee teacher of kindergarten, English or bank teller etc. Avoid mentioning anything about writing for a newspaper or something. Hopefully, situation has changed, but if not, its best to take precautions in Cuba. The same applies for Israel, in case they ask you about your profession at the immigration. As you mentioned aptly, Indian travelers are dealt with suspicion and sometmes justifiably so, hence to break the stereotype, its best to be smart and aware of thsi hassle.

    Best wishes,

  52. That’s an awesome info… No where I have found it… Thanks a lot for sharing…@shivya

    I will be glad if u can share how u started your travelling and blog and what are the guidelines that one need to remember…

  53. Hi Shivya, Went thru all of your posts on visas. Found really informative and helpful. I would like to know if you have been to Russia, especially the part of Kaliningrad. Im planning to visit some of the Schengen states in Sep’ 2018
    for 2 weeks and in the process I would like to be in Kaliningrad for 2 days max.

    If you have experience being to Russia and your info or tips on getting a Russian visa would be really helpful.

    Best Regards,
    Karmuhil Vannan

  54. Thanks for the list of countries πŸ™‚
    How often do you update your previous blogs? I visited Peru recently on my US Visa.

  55. Hi I had a query . I have received my B2 US visa and my port of entry is MCO .. can I make a short trip to Cuba from Miami . Would there be an issue on my round trip to Cuba ? (I have an Indian Passport )

  56. Hey Shivya,,. Can you let me know how you used your US visa to get an e-visa for Turkey..
    I mean you still have to pay the fee ,, and I believe we can apply for an e-visa even if one doesn’t have Turkey visa.

  57. Hi, kenya gives visa on arrival for Indians. The only requirement was a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

  58. Hey, I’m from India, can we travel South Korea if we have tourist visa for Japan?

  59. shivya you have written in a very detailed manner. Thanks! many doubts got cleared.

  60. Thank you very much for this post Shivya. I have recently started travelling Solo around the world and this information is very helpful, had a similar experience with my UK Visa. Got mine just 10 Hrs before my flight. All the best. Always an inspiration…

  61. Ecuador and Ukraine both revoked VoA for Indians recently. For those of you who need hacks and tips, feel free to join this FB Group called Every Passport Stamp, where we solely focus on a community of extreme travelers who want to visit all countries on earth. One of the biggest challenges is always visa issues. Good luck with your travels!

  62. Hey,
    Could you please tell more about Philippines visa-free entry for Indian passport holders? I am currently working in Ireland and have got my UK visa recently, but it’s a short-term visa valid for 6 months only. Can I still visit Philippines visa-free during that time period?
    Also, kindly share any itinerary you have for Philippines trip if you have.

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