The more I travel, the more passionate I feel about sustainable tourism, wildlife conservation, environmental protection, digital empowerment and animal welfare.

I’ve partnered with local organizations to develop innovative ways to address the single-use plastic crisis, raise funds for a community-centric reforestation project, and build digital storytelling skills among rural communities whose voices are seldom heard.


A project to bring back our forests in Uttarakhand – fighting climate change while creating alternate livelihoods for rural Himalayan communities. 

(2019 – 2021)

About the project: Collaborated with Alaap, an Uttarakhand-based, female-led non-profit, to support their reforestation efforts in some of Uttarakhand’s most economically-challenged districts. Using the revolutionary Miyawaki Method, these native mixed forests grow upto 30 times denser and 10 times faster than conventional forests and are calculated to have greater carbon sequestration potential.


An initiative to create awareness and alternatives for plastic bottled water in the Spiti Valley of India, with an aim to reduce non-biodegradable plastic waste.

(2017 – 2019)

About the project: Partnered with Spiti Ecosphere to address the growing plastic bottled water menace in India’s Trans-Himalayan region through art-based communication, workshops with women’s self-help groups, dialogue with local hospitality establishments and corporate partnerships.

  • Built a lifesize “I Love Spiti” art installation using discarded plastic bottles to encourage travellers to pledge to say no to plastic bottles.
  • Held the world’s highest Instagram Meet to highlight the issue and discuss solutions.
  • Began the conversation with local businesses to provide alternatives to bottled water.
  • Partnered with LifeStraw to experiment with public refill stations across Spiti.
  • Project featured on Hindustan TimesThe Better India and Scoopwhoop.


A project to empower rural Himalayan storytellers to tell their stories digitally using Instagram – resulting in India’s first Instagram channel run entirely by a village community. 

(2016 – 2018)

About the project: Collaborated with Himalayan Ark and Maati Sangathan to create @voicesofmunsiariIndia’s first Instagram channel to be run independently by a rural village community.


A creative effort to raise issues around animal welfare, and share the joys and challenges of travelling as a vegan.

(2013 – present)

About the project: Since I decided to embrace veganism in my diet and lifestyle, I feel passionate about spreading awareness about the plight of animals that regularly make it to our dinner tables, wardrobes and travel attractions.


A blogging series to share the journeys of intrepid solo travellers from across Asia – typically from countries under-represented in the digital space.

(2018 – present)


If you’d like to collaborate with me to further one of the above causes, especially in a way that I can leverage my blogging and social media work, I would love to hear from you at [email protected].