The Coolest Social Media Campaign in Travel.

Ever since travel destinations have started flocking to social media, my travel wish list has been growing. It’s hard not to ogle at Visit Norway‘s eye-candy on Facebook and hatch secret plans of hanging out amid the Norwegian fjords. It’s easy to get distracted by Visit Jordan‘s teasers on Twitter, and be constantly tempted by the need for Spain.

Then I stumble upon someone who does it differently.

The folks at Takk Takk did not want to ‘create a few social media profiles here and there for Visit Iceland, and build a nice looking website with pictures of landscapes and attractive people,’ like everyone else. Instead, they put Iceland, as its own self, online.

Iceland wants to be your friend, Iceland tourism, social media, travel campaign, best campaign, top campaign

Iceland speaks in first person on Facebook & Twitter, has a quirky old-school personality, and a voice that’s hard to miss.

Iceland, tourism, facebook, social media, travel campaign, best campaign
Iceland on Facebook.
Iceland, twitter, social media, campaign, travel campaign, best campaign
Iceland on Twitter

It’s refreshing to see a country with such beautiful landscapes tackling the social media clutter so cleverly. And of course, if you need more inspiration to be friends with Iceland, they have lots of visual ammunition too.

Iceland, offbeat travel, travel campaign, social media, best campaign, tourism
Photo credit: Kristin Sig.
Iceland, offbeat travel, social media, tourism, travel campaign, best campaign
Photo Credit: Atli Harðarson

I am convinced that Iceland wants to be your friend is the most creative and original travel campaign since the Best job in the world by Tourism Queensland.

What do you think? Does it make you want to be friends with Iceland?


Photo credits: Johannes Martin, Kristin Sig & Atli Harðarson.

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  1. What a great concept! I love it. Haven’t seen it before, but now I will be following them on twitter and facebook!

    I think the appeal is in it’s simplicity and “real-life” feel.

    1. I agree Gary. Talking to Iceland on Facebook & Twitter actually feels like you’re talking to a friend. I wonder if it’ll result in actual conversion. I already feel an affinity towards the little island!

  2. Possibly-but I definitely want to be the friend of the cute polar bear on the Twitter pic!

    1. Haha. Turns out that isn’t Iceland’s account on Twitter, it’s @thisisIceland ! So the polar bear pic is gone. Now you have no choice 😉

  3. midaevalmaiden says:

    An original idea! To be friends with Iceland. Cool.

  4. manchitra says:

    I will follow it on fb that way I can at least enjoy the beautiful pics.

    1. Sure thing! Check out Visit Norway too for some eye candy..

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