Travel Contest: Win a Dream Trip to California!

I’m penning this post at Chiang Rai airport, as I wait to board a long flight to Mauritius. Bidding goodbye to the verdant rice paddies of Northern Thailand for the dreamy blue waters of the Indian Ocean almost feels like a “normal” thing to do now. But every once in a while, I feel the need to pinch myself to believe that this – a life of epic adventures on the road – isn’t a dream!

When I look back at my journey as a travel blogger, there is one thing I know played a significant role: I travelled. Every chance I got. I took on every freelance job to make money. I cut down on shopping to save money. And I entered every travel contest I stumbled upon.

That is why I feel excited every time I come across an incredible travel opportunity for my readers – especially when it involves a trip with Lufthansa to California, a part of the world I briefly but surely fell in love with!

What do you win?

A round-trip Lufthansa flight and a 4 nights stay in San Jose, California – nicknamed the “Capital of Silicon Valley”. That means you could get a taste of California’s Bay Area, explore San Francisco, and witness the fog rolling in at the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The rolling vineyards of Napa Valley, the nightlife of Vegas, the unearthly landscapes of the Grand Canyon and the scenic Pacific Coast Highway will be right at your doorstep. I can’t think of a better chance to explore America’s West Coast!

Napa valley, California contest, lufthansa san jose, travel contest india
Autumn in Napa Valley. Photo by John Morgan.

How to enter the contest?

Enter Lufthansa’s Destination Rendezvous by logging in on Facebook or Google, and get ready to play with California’s maps and your memory:

  • The game is split into 3 levels, each with a map of a Lufthansa destination in California. Each map has empty spots that you can click for pop-up clues, and each clue matches the image of an attraction on the right.
  • The aim is to match the images with the right spot / clue on the map, by dragging it onto the correct spot on the map.
  • The faster you finish each map, the more points you score.
  • At the end of the game, the top scorers are entered into a lucky draw to win that coveted trip to California!

Even if you don’t win, the game is such fun. I spent a few hours playing it, testing my memory, and realizing how bad I am with maps. My highest score so far was 259; challenge me?

Indian travellers, Indian solo travellers, women traveling alone
An instrospective moment on the Pacific Coast during my California trip!

Tips and Tricks

  • If you drag an image to the wrong spot on the map, it flies back to the right column. That means you can’t complete a map wrong, but you do lose time.
  • You can play the game multiple times. The map and spots remain the same, but the order of the images changes.
  • You can score bonus points by referring friends at the end of the game.
San francisco, lufthansa contest, lufthansa india, california contest
San Francisco on a still summer night. Photo by trophygeek.

Things to remember

  • The contest ends on 30th June 2016. Don’t wait till the last minute!
  • The contest is only open to Indians who are residents of India. The winning flight must originate from a Lufthansa destination in India.
  • Read the rest of the terms and conditions.

Go enter the contest, and let me know if you win! All the best.

San Francisco forest, travel contest blogs, travel contest india
The mysterious forests of San Francisco. Photo by Sharon Mollerus.

If you win, what would you most like to do in California?

Note: This post is written in collaboration with Lufthansa.

Featured image by Vincent Lock. Also check out trophygeek, John Morgan and Sharon Mollerus on Flickr for California travel inspiration!

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  1. I am sure you get a lot of fan mails. Here is one from me. Yeah you have a fan in me 🙂 Keep traveling and keep posting and clicking.

    I wanted your suggestion. I am in blore and I am thinking for a 3 -4 days trip somewhere outside india in June end or July 1st week. Any suggestion ? I have been to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Bali considering the nearby regions.

    Regards Sourima


    1. Aww thanks Sourima 🙂

      Really depends on what you’re looking for and your budget. I’m in Mauritius now and LOVE it; a bit on the expensive side though.

  2. Raunak neema says:

    My highest is 275

  3. Who wouldn’t want to win a trip to California? As you mentioned above, I love playing contests that take me traveling to places. I am off to play it now..

  4. Wonderful post I always wanted some tips or a way to find a travel contest.

  5. amarjit singh says:

    i love to go to canada trip but need to get visa so please help me

    On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 10:42 AM, The Shooting Star wrote:

    > Shivya Nath posted: “I’m penning this post at Chiang Rai airport, as I > wait to board a long flight to Mauritius. Bidding goodbye to the verdant > rice paddies of Northern Thailand for the dreamy blue waters of the Indian > Ocean almost feels like a “normal” thing to do now. But e” >

  6. Hello Shivya,
    This the first time i came to travel bloggers site, and i m really amazed and inspired by ur passion for travelling. I love to travel and i have a passion for driving. I have been looking for the guidance for making my dream to travel India and then the world come true and ultimately reached ur blog. Thank u so much for inspiring women to travel alone. I have become ur fan and am glad to follow u. and become a traveller.
    I played the Lufthansa contest and scored 230. Hoping to win


  7. Hey Shivya!
    Your love for travel is so inspiring 🙂
    Thanks for this blog!
    I played the contest and scored 319. Hoping to win!

  8. Hi Shivya,

    I played the contest and my highest score has been 312…….hopes on!!

  9. Hey Shivya!
    Your love for travel is really inspiring 🙂
    Thanks for this blog!
    I played the contest and scored 325. Hoping to win!

  10. Hey Shivya!
    Your love for travel is really inspiring 🙂
    Thanks for this blog!
    I played the contest and scored 325. Hoping to win!

  11. targeteducationpoint says:

    Hey…. shivya
    Thank you for information
    Wow ..

  12. 331 … If Anyone did beat that please let me know.. and I have a doubt .. I first score 325 then 2nd attempt 331 .. can u tell me which score will be considered? first one or Lost one ? or the highest one ?

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