While we were sleeping…

They came, they captured, they killed. Fear and frustration mark the days. I pray for those who became victims of the terror attacks in Bombay, those who lost loved ones, those whose lives have changed forever. A prayer for the grieving; a prayer for strength. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), life goes on. We continue to live our little lives in our little worlds. It hit me when I was following the coverage on CNN and they switched from the Bombay shoot-outs to another story in another part of the world, as though the former had moved nothing in their hearts. I know it sounds silly, but it still surprises me how we can just move on with our own lives. 

We, as a country, have a very long way to go. And yet, most of us are happy doing what we do, criticizing what is, mocking what will be, never once asking what we could do. Even after all these years of our struggle for freedom, I really believe that we are genetically coded to be patriotic. Now is the time to look past what we have lost and save what is left. And now might be the only time. Our generation alone has the power to save our country before it’s too late. 


I borrow some faith from Aamir Khan’s blog, and pray that each of us find it in ourselves to rise to the challenge of rebuilding our country, our India. Together we can and we will make a difference.

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  2. People say that the “Spirit Of Mumbai” will shine through this tragedy; but is it really the spirit, or the fact that the common man has no other choice but to go out and work again?!
    I think we should keep this tragedy rooted in our minds for a long time and ensure that changes take place immediately, so that we don’t get a rude shock a couple of months later!

    Nice post….hoping to read more good stuff here 🙂

  3. Unfortunately life has to go on. We cannot live like terrorists, plotting to kill terrorists. That is the difference between them and us.

  4. I think its about time we stop electing ancient pieces of crap as our politicians! All they can think about is calling for a bundh! Disgusting!

  5. Yes one appeared last night shooting star and you would of been sleeping if you live in india due to time difference in my country. We can only pray for peace in this world there is too much hate in the hearts of men at the end of the day all the fighting over power and money is not worth it you come into this world alone and you go out alone. I wouldnt wish to be one of those people who had done so much destruction killing others they have GOD to answer to one day.And seeing a shooting star it makes you realise that these so called big men who do such things, where will God be for them.I gather shooting star is a message to show all around the world how power God is and he sees and knows all every sin in the heart of men , especially ones who set bombs off killing the innocent and shooting people. Say the rosary for peace.

  6. I really believe that we are genetically coded to be patriotic. 🙂 So do I :).
    I feel it is that time of our lives when we have to act and make sure that we give our next generation a place in which they can live peacefully and in harmony.

  7. @ nick: Welcome to the shooting star 😀 Yes, we are very pressed for choice indeed.

    @ Dinesh Babu: I wish there was a third option.

    @ Nikhil: For that, people like us must venture into politics. What say?

    @ RamN: Nice post. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    @ Jenny: I know, but these prayers are not exactly being answered 🙁

    @ Varun: Glad you agree! The question is, how should we act exactly?

    @ smallstar: I’m good 🙂 Yourself?

  8. smallstar says:

    Hi shivya… How are you? And…. How are things going??? A huge hug and a big smile for ya……

  9. @shivya – There are a few points I wanted to make-

    > People like us entering into politics

    > Keeping a retirement age for politicians (after all, they are also public servants….and most of the current ones look like they are already halfway to heaven (or hell!) )

    >Severing ALL Diplomatic ties with Pakistan. No cricket, no stand-up comedians, no Samjautha Express, no nothing!

    These are some of my answers to the “something HAS to be done, but WHAT can we do? ” question that popped up in my post.

  10. its time to unite against all these bugs of the society …. teroorists and politicians all being the same… 😡

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