ZoukOut 2010 – I came, I saw, I survived!

ZoukOut, Southeast Asia’s biggest beach party, is a right of passage for party-goers in the region. I lost my ZoukOut virginity last night, at the 10th ZoukOut, together with David Guetta who performed for the first time in Singapore. And what a performance it was!

Zoukout 2010

Thanks to AirAsia and their Singapore Facebook page, we won passes to this all-night party at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. As expected, people had poured in at the beach in thousands, and as the night went by, the percentage of sweat and puke probably exceeded the total amount of alcohol. Everyone was trying to hold out for Tiesto at 3 am, followed by David Guetta at 5 am. Finding a place in front of the main stage (arena A) meant being pushed around incessantly by a mob of sweaty people, dropping drinks everywhere.

We decided to spend the night instead at the area right behind the stage, and managed somehow to get entry into a restricted zone! From there on, it was party time indeed. Both Tiesto & Guetta performed a few feet away from where we were jumping and screaming and shaking a leg or two. I even saw David Guetta at arm’s length distance when he was making his way to the back-stage!

ZoukOut, pictures, 2010, guetta, tiesto
Side view of the ZoukOut stage
Zoukout 2010
Zoukout 2010

zoukout 2010

Watching Tiesto perform live is something else. As he gears up the crowd to his beats, you can see his face lighten up, as though there’s nowhere else he’d rather be and nothing else he’d rather be doing. His spirit, just like his music, is mind-blowing!

Tiesto, ZoukOut 2010
Tiesto performing at ZoukOut 2010
Tiesto, ZoukOut 2010
Tiesto performing at ZoukOut 2010

Guetta was the night’s headlining act and ‘impressive’ would be such an understatement. Song after song, he kept the entire crowd on its feet with their hands in the air, even after 5 am in the morning! Hats off to his music.


All in all, ZoukOut is one of those things that you need to experience, at least once. It was exhausting battling the crowd, but the Tiesto-Guetta act more than made up for it.


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