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The Shooting Star has recently made it to the top 30 travel blogs in India (based on global Alexa rankings). While I still have a long way to go to reach the level of the world’s top travel bloggers, this post is an attempt to share my experiences and experiments so far.

 Many of you have asked me on Twitter and via email, as to how you can go about starting your own travel blog and what it entails, and this post is something of an apology to those unanswered questions! I started my travel blogging journey in May 2011, before which my blog was a platform to rant about life and share the occasional travel tales. I must also confess that I started (and dropped) 5 blogs before The Shooting Star, each after a few posts, when I faced the writer’s block. That is perhaps the greatest challenge of starting out as a blogger, travel or otherwise – you might receive little or no traffic in the initial days, and a lot of efforts may feel like they are going unnoticed. If you can stick it out during this time, you’ve won half the battle.


Tabernas Spain, Spain desert, Spain photos
While hiking along the only desert of Europe.

By the time I decided to focus seriously on travel blogging, I had already travelled in most of Southeast Asia, and was setting out on a two-month sabbatical from work, to Europe and Spiti. Having travelled to places seldom blogged about before, I was genuinely inspired to share my experiences and explorations on the blogosphere.

Before you decide to start your own travel blog, ask yourself why you’re doing it. If it is to make quick money or score sponsorships, you’d be better off looking elsewhere. Travel blogging is hard work and will earn you nothing, atleast in the first few years; you need to feel passionately for both travelling and blogging to create a successful travel blog.

Ask yourself also if you’ve travelled to enough places, and have enough experiences to write about. Do you have enough pictures from these places? Or will you be writing about experiences that you can easily find creative commons pictures for? Perhaps the best advice I’ve ever been given is, “travel for the love of travel while you still can, because once you become a successful travel blogger, travelling will never be the same again.”

2. Pick a niche.

Rodrigues island, Ile Rodrigues, Rodrigues Mauritius
Along roads less travelled, at Rodrigues Island.

Once you’re convinced that you have enough fodder to write about, start asking yourself what’s a niche you should focus on. There are plenty of generic travel blogs out there; can you offer something unique? You could consider focussing on luxury travel, responsible travel, offbeat travel, culture-inspired travel, budget travel or something more creative.

Personally, I started out without a well-defined niche, and took a while to reach my current focus on offbeat and experiential travel. The idea is really to attract and captivate your audience, by setting their expectations about what they can read by following you.

3. Select a blogging platform.

travel blog sites, how to start a blog

WordPress and Blogger / Blogspot are the biggest free blogging platforms out there, and it’s largely a matter of personal preference to pick one. Having used both, I personally recommend, for its user-friendliness, beautiful themes, professional templates, degree of flexibility, and SEO potential.

One reason why people choose Blogger over WordPress, is that the latter does not allow advertising with Google Adsense (though it has recently introduced its own, albeit less efficient, version of ads called WordAds). To be honest, I don’t know many people who make much money through advertising on their blog, and if advertising revenue is your end goal, you shouldn’t be starting a travel blog anyway!

Many amateur bloggers tend to start out by investing in a self-hosted website, but unless you’re a techie clued in to the ways of Google, I wouldn’t recommend doing this. You need to be focussing all your energy on generating good travel content, and let the technicalities take care of themselves. Not to forget, the added pressure to succeed after having invested in a website and its optimization.

4. Set a posting goal.

how to start blogging, how to create a blog
Photo by Johan Larsson.

Commitment to your travel blog is the single most important thing. You might be starting a travel blog with a long term goal in mind – to break into travel writing, or to establish yourself as a credible blogger that travel companies might be interested in working with – but in the initial stages, set goals for the smaller picture.

Most importantly, decide how often you are going to post content on your blog, and stick to this frequency. I personally recommend posting one well-written, engaging post once a week, rather than several low-quality posts several times a week.

5. Use pictures.

Bhap Rajasthan, Bhap village
Having fun with photos, at Bhap village in Rajasthan.

When I first started travel blogging, I was only interested in sharing my experiences in words. Over time, I learnt that people first get drawn to the pictures you share, and for many, that’s where their attention span ends. It’s just something that we, as bloggers, have to learn to make peace with.

You don’t have to invest in a fancy camera if you’re not a photography buff. I use a humble Sony Cybershot (digital) camera, and try to look for moments that not many people would capture. Recently, an international publication has approached me about commissioning a photo essay, proof that what you capture is much more important than the equipment you use to capture it.

If you find yourself writing about something abstract, or if your own pictures don’t do justice to the experience you’re sharing, search Flickr Creative Commons to find pictures you can use – pictures under the Attribution license only need a simple credit back to the photographer. Remember not to lift pictures from blogs or website without permission, as you’ll only harm your own credibility.

6. Interact with other bloggers.

travel bloggers Indian, India travel blogs
With travel blogger Mariellen, from Canada, at the Delhi Travel Massive. Photo via SoDelhi.

The blogosphere is an awesome community of people. Once you’ve started (or started thinking about) your own travel blog, you need to get out there and start reading and interacting with other bloggers. A great way to make your presence known is to leave comments on other blogs; you can give feedback on their posts, answer questions they maybe asking, or share your own experiences from a place they’ve written about.

Make sure that you use your blog profile while commenting, so it links the bloggers and other commenters back to your blog. Gradually, you’ll also realize the value of each comment posted on your blog; you’ll realize just how disheartening it is to put your heart and soul into a post and not receive any comments from your readers! Make an effort to reply to all comments on your own blog, so as to ensure that your readers know that you value them.

7. Get active on social networks.


Facebook and Twitter are excellent ways to join the existing community of travel bloggers, as well as generate traffic to your own blog (they are the second biggest sources of traffic to my blog after Google). Grow your social networks, especially Twitter, and establish yourself as a credible voice in your selected niche of travel blogging. Remember that more important than sharing links is engaging with existing influencers.

Every Tuesday at 3:30 pm IST, you can join the #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter) chat, and interact with fellow travel enthusiasts and travel bloggers; it is not only a great source of new travel ideas, but also helps keep you motivated about travelling and blogging. Similarly, you can join fan pages of travel bloggers you like to read and existing travel blogging groups, and start understanding how these platforms are best used.

8. Start search engine optimization.


SEO is the holy grail of blog traffic. The idea is to create visibility for your blog on Google; for instance, if you’re writing about street food in India, your blog should appear on the first page of Google when people search for that or something similar. Challenging as it sounds,  blogging platforms like WordPress or Google ensure that the technicalities are taken care of on the back end. All you have to ensure is that your blog posts and photographs are tagged with relevant keywords that people might be searching for.

9. Value your blog.

travel blog sites, how to start a travel blog
Photo by Mike Licht.

Something that I personally feel is an issue with many Indian bloggers, is that we don’t value our blog and our content enough. We accept unbelievably low rates for advertising and sponsored posts; a “something is better than nothing” kind of attitude. It is important for advertisers and sponsors to understand that blogging is hard work, and if we, as bloggers, don’t convey that, we’ll always remain poor!

10. Have fun!

create a travel blog, best travel blogs
Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões.

If you start a travel blog purely with the intention of making money or scoring free travel opportunities, chances are you’ll get burnt out soon enough. Ask any travel blogger and they’ll tell you that blogging is hard work; you will be spending a lot of time and effort in the initial years, and the money or sponsored travels might not come until much later. Something common across most travel bloggers (myself included) is that they are absolutely obsessed with their blogs, and absolutely love blogging about their travels, returns or no returns. So if travel blogging is something you think you’ll really love to do, get out there, travel, write, and have fun. The blogosphere is a wonderful place to be!


Do you have any other tips or questions for starting a new travel blog?


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  1. Nice articles. Great tips and some of tips are general and useful to start any type of blogs.

    1. Thanks Hemant, and you’re right, most of the tips are applicable to any new blogs!

      1. amazing suggestions shivya.. as i am embarking my journey.. you are the biggest inspiration behind that.. hope to meet you in some moment may be on a hill top sitting under stars..

  2. Nice article Shivya. Thanks for sharing
    I could find few points very relevant to what I have faced and facing even now while writing online.
    After failing to write regularly on many sites, i think its time to develop a niche and stick to it passionately. Great tip 🙂

    1. Thanks Abhishek. Having been through that phase of not being able to write regularly on the blogs I had started earlier, I can say it’s worth it when you finally make the commitment!

  3. Thank you very much for these great tips – I’ll be sure to use them on my travel blog!

  4. Good tips for a beginning blogger.

    My advice: Set high expectations for yourself and your blog, be a voracious learner – especially on business, don’t be afraid to go against the grain, and don’t let anyone tell you what can’t be done!

    1. Agreed! Especially the high expectation bit, got to aim for the stars 🙂

  5. Great stuff…and I couldn’t agree more on your advice about the initial period. Needs a lot of motivation, but that’s only until the right audience comes along and finds you.
    Congrats on becoming top 30… I am so not surprised! Way to go 🙂

    1. Fair enough, the right audience can make all the effort seem worth it.

    1. It certainly was. Hope to see you back in India soon 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Martina! Some great tips there; I’ve bookmarked it for future reference 🙂

  6. Great tips! The hardest thing for me is picking a niche. I guess I will get there eventually 🙂

    1. Thanks Bonnie. As long as your content is engaging anyway, you can take your time to get there!

  7. The post is very inspiring. I like to travel, but not so much that I would leave my job, but it would be nice to capture those travels on the page. And yes, if you are writing something so that you get popular or earn some money, then the motive is lost there, and I guess it kind of shows on the blog. The twitter handle tip is the best, and now I am off to check the best 30 travel blogs 🙂

    1. Glad you found it informative, Jenny! Send me a link when do get started 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing these tips Shivya! As simple as they might seem they really are helpful! How did you eventually hone in on your niche or your target audience? I’m having a hard time limiting what I want to write about-my interests are many!

  9. Thanks Shivya for the reference right at the top! Appreciate it.
    Great tips I must say. Adding my 2 two paisas:

    1. Even if you dont host the blog yourself, you absolutely must map your domain to your hosted account. You need to build a brand.That would be Rs 700 per year for wordpress.

    2. One needs to do a lot on SEO apart from the tags. For wordspress, Yoast seo plugin is the best and is not difficult for non techies. Just a couple of youtube videos would help you get on.

  10. Very good post! Most tips go for starting out ‘anything’, not only a travel blog. The most important thing probably is to ask yourself – ‘What is it I would do for free?’ and then in the phase that you are indeed doing it for free, test your resolve 🙂

  11. First, congratulations on being in the list of top 5 travel bloggers in India. Commendable! And this piece is amazing, pure pro tips.

  12. As somebody who has no interest in starting a blog but loves looking at blogs, let me give you my two cents (I have been living in the US for almost 24 years now). Yes, when I type in a town or vacation spot, I come across many blogs. BUT if the blog is all about what a wonderful time they had and a ton of pictures with no information on what they ate, where they stayed, how much things cost, how far is it from the various attractions, I have no further interest in that blog and even if they change it in the future, I will not be clicking on that blog. If you are writing for your friends put pictures and don’t bother with details. If you want me, somebody who is looking for information and want to come back, put in the details that attracted you to that place. We will then post it on our FB walls and Tweet about THE blog to go to before traveling :-).

    1. well said. how to travel blog in one comment 🙂

      Thought the above tips are great and valuable I don’t know of anyone who made it big by following a how to lists by an already expert in the field.

      They somehow got the hang of it. Through lots of hard work and persistence. And passion of course.

      1. Agreed Benjamin, just hoping that this can be a resource when someone feels unsure of where they are heading. The passion, of course, is the biggest driver for a good blog!

    2. I’ve been guilty of sharing only stories / experiences, often without much practical information. Shall keep you point in view from hereon. Thanks for sharing it here!

      1. i do look out for information on blogs, shivya, but in your support, i do read blogs which mention how someone felt when they visited a certain place. i am also interested in “what to experience” than jusy “what to see”. i dont care if there is no practical information, but if it gives me a different insight about places, i m a repeated visitor 🙂

  13. Very useful tips to me as well as all travel bloggers. This is ” Set a posting goal” is very much important for all. Thanks for nice descriptions.

  14. Congrats for reaching top 30 milestone. I believe you will be targeting higher :).

    There could have been no better time for me to read this post. After putting lot of hard work in last 2-3 months in my travel blog , had started feeling a bit disappointed by the response. But morale is boosted up again :).

  15. Also the frequency of writing. I write 5-6 posts in a month and that itself is exhausting, with travel, pics, research, but unfortunately most people are writing for SEO where the number of posts is a bigger factor than quality of the post.

    Good compilation Shivya.

    1. Thanks Anuradha, and I completely agree with you. Quality over quantity!

  16. Radhika Varma says:

    Hey Shivya

    This is super helpful for people like me who just keeping thinking of starting a blog but has not clue of how and where to start from. thanks a lot 🙂 I hope I get to travel and get enough content to talk about soon 😛

    Ps: working on the tip you gave 😉

  17. Radhika Varma says:

    Hey Shivya

    This is super helpful for people like me who just keeping thinking of starting a blog but has not clue of how and where to start from. thanks a lot 🙂 I hope I get to travel and get enough content to talk about soon 😛

  18. Great post and some good tips. I think your last point is absolutely crucial. I know a few bloggers that started their blog for family and friends and then wanted to grow it, but they got so frustrated with the amount of time it involved that they lost interest. For me, I am not intending to make money with my blog (the odd press trip would be nice of course 🙂 , but that is not my aim). I see my blog as a creative outlet for something I am passionate about: traveling and writing. And I may not have as many readers as some of those big blogs, but I enjoy what I am doing whilst working full time in another job.

  19. Hey shivya … Thank you so much for the tip… I am new to the blogging and yes monetary should not be your ultimate aim for writing rather it should be your love and passion … My passion lies in travelling an

  20. Hey shivya … Thank you so much for the tip… I am new to the blogging and yes monetary should not be your ultimate aim for writing rather it should be your love and passion … My passion lies in travelling and Sales and love talking and righting about both … Your tip has been a great help …

    1. Glad you found it helpful, Pradeep. All the best with the travelling and writing 🙂

  21. Travel blog is one of the most exciting to make because it you can visit different places, meet different people, and taste their delicious delicacies.

  22. Solid advice Shivya! The most important thing I’ve learned about travel blogging is that it is not for me! However, it did lead me to what I really want to do with my website which is several years well spent if you ask me.

    Shivya, have a fanstastic week.

    1. Haha, that is equally important Kevin. Can’t wait to see your website’s makeover 🙂

  23. Great tips on travel writing! I also appreciate the Flickr mention- I have found some great images there and always make sure to give these artists the credit they deserve.

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  29. Congratulations on reaching another milestone in your travels & adventures. May you have many, many more to come, dear Shivya.

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    Me gustaria aprender ampliando sobre el tema

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    Sujet vraiment cultivant !

  33. Hey Shivya, thank for sharing the tips over here. Its Inspirational. I love travel extremely, I was wondering how could I go ahead with travel blogging to earn money to fund my next travels. Your writings are short, beautiful and useful.

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    Keep up the great work! You know, many people
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    Ranthambore Jeep Safari..

  36. Shivya, thank you for the tip about #ttot! I always see it but could never figure out when or why people were using it!

  37. Good to read about you and your article on travel blogging .
    I travel a lot within India to important religious places . Every month I push off to some great places and I always wonder why I had not visited that place earlier .I click lot of pictures some of which have come out pretty well .I want to start writing and share my experiences …could you guide me pl …and how can I create value out of it …

  38. This is just what I was looking for at this point. Thanks a ton. 🙂

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    Keep Blogging and Keep Rocking.

  40. Great content on your blogs Shivya! I spent most of my day today reading lots of your work and realised that you left me highly inspired. I find reading and writing about travel very distressing and I must say that it was a Sunday well spent on your site! Will look forward to more reading:)

  41. flywithshaunak says:

    Hey Shivya,

    Yesterday, I was just wanting to know the top bloggers in India and whoa ! your name stood first in 4 out of 6 URLs I saw. So, checked out your site (for the first time) at around 8.30 pm and then started reading blogs. It’s 2.30 am now and I am still reading 🙂 You don’t know how many blogs I have read already, and they have helped me 100%, no doubt. Your write-up on the Polish couple now in South Australia was very nice. And this one’s also lovely. Good Luck !

  42. Such incredible guidelines for the amateurs! Absolutely helping. Much appreciated girl!!
    My best wishes at all times. 🙂

  43. Shivya, firstly I want to express my gratitude for the learning and the inspirational juggernaut that you reflect by the virtue of your pennings, I learn a lot from you. I’m a writer and have the hanker to travel and share my experiences, albeit I’ve not yet onset my travel blog, I’ve been writing for brand agencies. Travel is what I laboriously hanker for and soon would start blogging. Shivya, i look forward to ascend under the auspices of your guidance and concern, your literature is relatable, my writing habbits are some what alike 🙂 I’ve got a lot to learn and experience, I always look forward to interact with, hope will actualize it soon 🙂

  44. Thank you for all the tips. Brilliantly written. I am a travel/social documentary photographer and love my work. You have just given me that push. Watch the space!!

  45. Tales of a Globetrotter says:

    It’s awesome how selflessly you share all your tips ! Not many would be happy to give away so much of phenomenal advice for free .I am just dabbling with my own travel blog, these tips are immensely helpful, thank you so much 🙂

  46. It’s nice to read your honest personal opinion on starting a travel blog. I started blogging with blogger/, a rookie mistake(adsense and free hosting greed). But then I bought my own hosting and theme, now I use to add content to my blog. The design is much better now.

  47. Tejshree Bhagat says:

    I am at the starting of my 20s and a keen traveller. I would really want a carrer in travel as thats what i love to do. Moreover, I love writing, so may be travel blogger would be the match. Can you please help me out for the start of it?

  48. Awesome post Shivya. You just nailed it for new to the blogging world and your article is going to help me a great deal. Thanks a ton for putting this together. Here’s my link : Do leave your valuable comments.

  49. I couldn’t agree more with what you said about the lack of value bloggers place in their work! I hate seeing fellow travel bloggers not knowing their worth. Great post! Super helpful, especially for those of us who are up and coming.

  50. Suman Saurabh says:

    Hey Shivya! How about generating revenue through ad sense banner on self hosted blog on wordpress?

  51. You Travel and that means you come across many genres of people. In simple words there are just three genre, one who do something for others for a reason, one who don’t do anything and then there is always a third kind as mentioned in the movie Rang De Basanti. Those who do quietly, the silent workers. Find Them and connect the. 6 billion people on this planet and assuming 50 % capable and of those 50 % only 50% actually have an idea, that still makes 1.5 billion.
    Good luck with you Travels

  52. Om prakash sharma says:

    बहुत ही सटीक और सारगर्भित सन्देश, नए ट्रेवल ब्लॉगर्स के लिए। धन्यवाद इन्हे साझा करने के लिए।

  53. Hi,

    This is very much informative for me. I love to travel but couldnt due to work or other schedules.
    The tips are good. I dont know like there are different kinds of Niche for a travel blog.
    Thanks for letting me know all these stuff.

    All the best for your dream to become one of top bloggers in the world.

  54. Shashank Mohan says:

    Hi Shivya, great reading your post. I am looking to start my own blog and have a decent amount of content to post. The posts do need to be frequent and engaging. Hope to put whatever I’ve learned and experienced on my blog.

    You are an inspiration 🙂

    Keep the work coming!

    Shashank Mohan

  55. Hi!! Ever since I began toying with the idea of starting a travel blog I have been following/reading your posts which by far I found not only interesting but informative too. Very good of you to share tips for newbees on how to go about it which is seldom done by many bloggers. Well keep it up and many more miles and smiles on your travels.

  56. sagar chamoli says:

    Hey Shivya,
    The content is great, The Tips are useful, and the tone is Friendly & Engaging.
    Loved it..!!

  57. sagarchamoli says:

    The article was really Nice & Helpful for the new Bloggers (including me)
    Thanks & keep up the good work.

  58. This tips in your article is just what i was looking for, as an amateur in the field of blogging. Thank you! 🙂

  59. Hi, the article was really helpful , but i want to start travel blog in Hindi.
    I think it will more connect with my people and friends.
    What you think about this idea ?

    1. Hi Ushashish, I think writing blogs in Hindi would be good: There are a lot of people in India who would feel comfortable reading in Hindi and would love to know about travels. I am sure there will be a lot of Indian followers for you. Secondly, give Hindi or any other Indian language the importance that they deserve. Blogging should not be exclusively for English readers/speakers.

  60. Thanks for all the tips, I’ve been looking at starting up my blog soon, I’m hoping to go see more of india again. Though this time, I would like to discover more of the little gems of places I found on the way! I’ve always been nervous on ‘how to write for the audience’ but you’ve helped with this, to give confidence to express myself.

  61. Shrutika Ambhore says:

    Your writing is so clear and genuine. How do you convert your experiences into writing so gracefully ? What happens in the back of your mind during writing ?

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    Hi Shivya..Was going through some of the articles in your blog..and beyond doubt all were extremely useful..its been sometime that i have been twisting and turning with the idea of a full time travel and undoubtedly also the practical challenge of how to make a living while on the go..your tips gave a lot of new perspective.. thanks a lot..

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    Thank you soo much for this article full of usefull tips. You are doing a great job. Thumbs up!

  64. Arjun Ray says:

    Hi. Congratulations on being amongst the Top 30 bloggers in India!! I have been following your experiences through Twitter and each piece truly motivates me. Well written and very relevant tips. Though I love travelling, I never seem to remember to jot down important informations and statistics that time. So I never seem to develop much fodder for my bovine travel blog to chew on. Another point is, how often does one blogger need to travel. Keep travelling and motivating us as always. 👍

  65. Hi Shivya,

    You are an inspiration to me along with your many followers and I also look forward to read such interesting and helpful Travel blogging tips… I as a mother of a super active 4 year old try and keep abreast with the travel news and feel happy to see people now involved in sustainable traVel. My niche is offbeat and heritage travel and I still find it hard to stick with my blog plans…as I haVe so much to write But so little time to spend…. But I know you are always around to help. Thanks and yes.. keep sharing these wonderful delights.

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  69. Hi Shivya, great post. Seldom have I come across bloggers who share about “how to” and “what to expect” when starting a blog.
    My foremost question to all bloggers is how do they monetize from blogging because though it looks good from the outside to quit one’s job and full time travel blogging, it is extremely hard work and only those who are patient reap the benefit after years. Thanks for answering this question.
    I agree with the writer’s block that happens time and again. Also thanks for sharing the important tip to keep writing once a week. thanks fro inspiring me to pen down some of my travels which are waiting to be written. Best wishes – Nandita.

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    I am a travel writer myself. I dont have a blog, but i write for travel companies. I have traveled extensively across India and parts of Europe and SE asia. And i have been dithering over starting a travel blog since a long time. But i am confused as to how to pick a niche. Any tips on that?

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    Your blogs are really inspiring , your content seems to be written with the true heart which reaches the heart of reader without any hurdle. I also like to travel but somehow i’m managing it with my job because i just graduated from college and have to finance myself to follow my love. As to follow my passion for travelling currently Im doing lot of R&D and doing that, I came across your blog which i think would be really helpful to start mine.
    Thank you so much, you are an inspiration for me. 🙂

  80. Rajesh Verma says:

    Hi Shivya… I am new to your blog and found the most relevant information on how to start blog. Thank you so much for such a detailed information. I also love to travel less known places. Your blog gave me inspiration to write something them so others can experience the beauty of nature.
    Thank you so much for your honest advices.

  81. Abhishek Sharma says:

    Very inspirational article for me… Thanks Mam, For sharing your experiences…

  82. Really good stuff there Shivya, just bought your book recently, planned to take a sabbatical myself to explore India on my bike and write about it.

  83. Hi Shivya! I absolutely liked what I read. Thank you so much for enlightening me. The article was useful and precisely written. However I wanted to clarify he thing you mentioned about pictures from Flicr! Does one need permission or you can have them posted on your website/blog as long as you mention the name of the person who clicked it! Please help clarify my doubt.

  84. How beautifully you summed this up..working in the travel industry i have always thought about starting my blog but never actually posted anything on relevant sites..rather left my writing to die down in the diary..this article gives a spark to hit a dry run atleast 👍🏼

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  87. Pramita Bairagi says:

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    Inspired so much that I started my own blog.
    Still working on the contents. Too much concerned about the grammatical errors that might happen and that is the only reason I am yet to publish a single post stored in my drafts.
    I love travelling too. Will craft something different. Let’s see how much it works.
    Thanks for the Inspiration for people like us ma’am.

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