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This is not a comeback post.

Pledge: I have decided to stop blaming my work-life imbalance, fleeting weekends, social obligations, and deadened-by-work-thought flow for my persistent inactivity in the blogosphere. I hereby pledge to revive my blogging life.


Awards: This one is long due. Thanks to Aadil for awarding me The Lemonade Blog award, and to Valerine & Varun for the International Bloggers Community award. I hereby pass these awards to ThethoughtfultrainManchitra & Jayesh for their comforting presence in the blogosphere.

lemonade-blog-award1ibc award

Corporate  woes: I dedicate this to all my fellow-mates in the corporate jungle. Cheers to survival!

Mini book review: Tin Fish, a book about an adolescent’s boarding school life, post the emergency period in India. It’s a walk down memory lane, a back-to-the-basics lesson in friendship, and a breezy read to momentarily transport you from the complexities of adulthood. (Author – Sudeep Chakravarty)

Advice: I have been aching to learn something new, something radically different. Any advice, besides a language, an instrument & a sport? Lately, I have also been fantasizing about freelance writing. Any tips?


  1. thethoughtfultrain says

    Thanks Shivya! I have been awarded the International Blogging Community Award several times now – I’m feeling so proud! 😀 The lemonade blog award is cute and interesting! 🙂 Thank you!!

  2. @ Thethoughtfultrain: You’re most welcome. And you just reminded me why I thought of you first when thinking of the recipients. Thanks for being such a loyal commenter here 🙂

  3. thethoughtfultrain says

    As for learning something new, try taking some classes in Philosophy. Your bent of mind is pretty good for that!

    If you google, you ll find many sites hire writers. They will ask you for a sample too. You can show them your blog as a sample of your writing. You have to ensure the company is legit and not fly by night operation.

  4. @ Thethoughtfultrain: Thanks for the advice! Philosophy is a really good idea and I’m surprised it didn’t strike me all this time. I’m off to googling it now. For writing, do you know of any specific, tried & tested sites?

  5. Hey! Thanks for accepting the award and of course the mention! 🙂
    I’d strongly advice you to start freelance writing; you’ve definitely got the talent to write and write well!

    What about the Arabic language classes that you took? ..

  6. Learn gaming! Nintendo Wii, XBox 360 or PS3 🙂

    On a serious note you can try your hand in fact your legs in some dance form. Learn some dance form.

    offisialatyachaar is cool and where did u find that “will blog for food” cartoon!? 🙂

  7. @ Harsh: Unfortunately, there are no official courses for that :p

    @ Aadil: Most welcome 🙂 Oh, Arabic was fun but it was just a one-off class and I’m already rusty. It’s hard! But I’m pursuing spanish for now so arabic will have to wait. Need some more diversification. Thanks for the encouragement in freelancing. I’m already exploring a bunch of places to start.

    @ Varun: Haha, I’ll pass on both the gaming and the dancing bits. Not my cup of tea 😉 Got the cartoon while googling randomly. Yes yes, the website is apt even though im not part of the indian corporate life. The atyachaar is universal 😀

  8. thethoughtfultrain says

    Shivya, since I have not tried freelance writing before, I haven’t really looked for trusted sites. Based on your core interest, you ll find online mags which probably need writers on a contract basis. I will keep a look out for you and let you know when I see anything appropriate.

  9. Congratulations on your pledge.
    There can never be excuses of not doing things we love to do. 🙂

  10. manchitra says

    Thank you Shivya for awarding me the International blogging community award and Lemonade award . This is my first. I am elated.

    Nice to hear you are becoming active again in the blogo sphere. Love to read your post .

    I cant think of any thing to suggest to you right now as i am having a hectic schedule of my work traveling 130 kms plus everday, classes for a duration of 6 hrs. Ha… really get exhausted. But definitely make it a point to spend sometime to read the posts I love. So here I am.

  11. I think you will rock at freelance writing…donno abt specific sites…but we always have google…please let me know if you come across any good ones..
    Philosophy is a great suggestion too…
    do keep blogging as promised 😀
    thanks for the award…its my very first 🙂

  12. Hey Shivya….If you don’t mind shaking your legs…Try some kind of dance…Salsa, jive, Latino…its entertaining and reviving 🙂

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