I’m Going to a Country I’ve Dreamt About Forever!

I’ve dreamt about Spain ever since I heard my first Spanish song, read Pablo Neruda’s poetry in Spanish, and learnt my first phrase in the language; soñar no cuesta nada, to dream costs nothing.

I’ve dreamt about hopping from bar to bar, sampling tapas and listening to the Spanish guitar. Whiling away time with a glass of Sangria at a quaint seaside cafe. Cycling along the cobbled streets of a small Spanish town, thanks to Woody Allen. Driving along its gorgeous coast, because Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. And falling head over heels in love with the “Spanish” way of life. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t dreamt about ogling at its beautiful men 😉

So when the Tourism Office of Spain, Turkish Airlines and UNESCO World Heritage Cities of Spain, invited me on a week long trip to Barcelona, Ibiza and Tarragona, I had to pinch myself several times. Schengen visa woes ended yesterday. I’ve decided to extend my stay by another couple of weeks, during which I intend to go down south to Andalucia, and experience more of the charming countryside. I leave on Tuesday; España here I come!


Have you been to Spain? Any recommendations for my trip?


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  1. I am not ashamed to say how jealous I am of you 😛
    I have been dreaming of spain for the longest time too … have a good time !

    1. Haha, don’t blame you! I’m sure I’ll have your virtual company 🙂

  2. Lucky you! We went to Spain last year. I have posts on Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Granada, Cadiz, Cordoba and a few other places. You can find them if you look in the Spain category on my blog.

    1. Thanks Debra; I’m heading to your blog right away 🙂

  3. Madhavi S Rao (@madhavisrao) says:

    WOW!!!! Bon Voyage Shivya…. Enjoy YOUR trip and Explore your destinations….:)

  4. Colleen Brynn says:

    I LOVE Spain. It’s one of my favourite countries in the world. I’ve lived there twice – in Marbella (2005) and in Madrid (last summer)… You would love the old town of Marbella as you will be in Andalucia. Also worth a visit to Granada and the Almhambra if you have the chance, Puerto Banus and Ronda are not far from Marbella. And if you’re really keen, that’s a great starting point for a day trip to Morocco! Seriously… my soul belongs in Spain… If you are in Madrid at all, visit the Malasana neighbourhood, and take day trips to Toledo and Segovia. I’m SO jealous!!! You are going to have a blast. Lastly… the men WON’T disappoint… keep your tongue in 😉

    1. Colleen Brynn says:

      Sorry, I was really excited there… it’s the Alhambra ***

    2. Haha, I love the last line 😉 I would’ve loved to take a detour to Morocco, but unfortunately I need a visa for it (damn the Indian passport) and have no time left to apply. So might take a detour to Portugal instead, although Asturias in the north of Spain sounds pretty exciting too. Thanks for all the the recommendations, will check out all these towns 🙂

    1. Thanks Anu; will be posting lots and tweeting on the go too 🙂

  5. John DSilva (SilentMutterer) says:

    Barcelona is awesome. Gaudi’s cathedral is surreal, they have been building it for over hundred years. Illegal immigrants, 25% joblessness, so a bit of crime, take normal precautions ! Quite a few shops/ restaurants run by Sindhis/Sardarjis, of course you will want to sample Spanish culture there ! Watch a Flamenco dance. You will love Spain, have fun !

  6. Can’t say for Tarragona, but Barcelona and Ibiza is NOT Spain. Barcelona is one of those amazing cities but I would struggle to associate it with the country. Andalucia is where the heart and soul of the country lies and is one of my favourite place on Earth. I hope you spend more time there!

    1. Shall be reporting from all three soon! And yes, advise taken, keeping enough days open to explore Andalusia 🙂

    1. John DSilva (SilentMutterer) says:

      I am n..o..t jealous ! I will relax in my armchair and enjoy your trip ! Apart from the sights you see tell us about the people you meet and the foods you eat (apart from chocolate)! There are one or two Spanish restaurants in the place I live, will order the same ! Look forward to your trip !!!

  7. Congrats! Will wait eagerly for your accounts on Spain! We have visited Spain, so ramble, street life, tapas, the vegetable and fish markets, people and their warmth is contagious. And it is a place worth going as Zindagi na mile dubara !

  8. Never been to Spain but it is in my to-go list. It’s good that I will have a reference point now. 🙂

  9. abhinav arora says:

    bon chance et voyage! I plan to walk from spain to france, in a month, in feb or march… will be keenly waiting for your updates! hasta la vista!

  10. Congrats Shive! Spain is really a must visit place for all wanderers. However there are loads of places in Spain worth visiting, but Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza are the places I mention most in my write-ups.

  11. When are you going to return from Spain ? by the way have a nice journey.

    1. My last week here. It’ll be heartbreaking to leave, I can already tell.

      1. Abhinav Arora says:

        Shivya, your pictures have inspired me, and I am about to book my tickets to a month long Spanish holiday too 😀
        I Wish you a safe and sweet return, and there’s a forum here, called kunzum travel cafe, where a lot of travellers return to tell their tales to the group of travellers who visit this cafe… I would hope you come back a give your memoir narration at this cafe 🙂

        1. That’s awesome, Abhinav! Let me know if you need any recommendations on where to go / what to eat etc.

          I’ll love to share my experiences at Kunzum 🙂

          1. Abhinav Arora says:

            I shall need your recommendations for sure. Hope to see you at Kunzum, let me fix a day for your memoir narration once you are back…

  12. vardhan naik says:

    how do yo get invited by other countries ?

  13. I would recommend Rhonda and Mijas. Two villages near Malaga in the south of Spain. Especially Rhonda. Spectacular mountain village.

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