Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge: Tete-a-Tea in Nature’s Lap.

Madulkelle, Sri Lanka tea estates, Sri Lanka ecotourism, eco Sri Lanka

A gentle tap on the tent startles me. I reluctantly get up from my cosy bed and lift the flap, to be greeted by a mesmerizing sight. Dark, ominous clouds swiftly cross the sky and settle upon the Knuckles mountain range in the distance. The moon becomes visible every now and then, painting haunting patterns in the sky. A handful of lights glow in the valley below. Fireflies shimmer above the tea plantations. The tap on the tent was just the wind, inviting me for a glimpse of this magical night.

We tuck back into our alpine tent, and this time, I fall into a deep slumber. At sunrise, I watch my surroundings slowly emerge from the dark – rolling hills covered with tea plantations as far as the eye can see, a waterfall gushing down the mountains, and a richly forested valley below.

Madulkelle tea and eco lodge, eco Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka tea estates
Our humble abode at Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge.
Madulkelle tea and eco lodge, eco Sri lanka, ecotourism Sri Lanka
Definitely the most luxurious tent I’ve ever stayed in!

Like the tea planters of yore, we set out early with Kithsiri, the naturalist at Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge, to inspect our tea plantations which date back to the 1860s. Most of the tea pluckers are elderly women with nimble fingers, their skin tanned dark by the mountain sun, their smiles warming us on this chilly morning. Kithsiri tells us that their daughters don’t think highly of the art and are migrating to the cities of Kandy and Colombo. When demand becomes higher than supply, he is confident that their pay will rise and tea plucking will become lucrative again.

Kandy tea plantations, Sri Lanka tea estates, Eco Sri Lanka, Madulkelle
The tea plantations at Madulkelle.
Sri Lanka tea estates, Sri Lanka ecotourism, Sri Lanka hill country, Madulkelle
Tea pluckers at work.

Back at our lodge, a Sri Lankan feast awaits us, alongside fresh croissants and freshly brewed tea. We spend the day lounging around the planter’s bungalow. Oil paintings of tea-pluckers look upon us from the wall, instrumental tunes play in the backdrop, and outside, the colorful outfits of tea pluckers break the monotony of the vast green terrain. We take a dip  at the lodge’s infinity pool on the mountain’s edge, hike to the hills above and the waterfall below, and go for long walks along the tea trails of Madulkelle and its neighboring estates. By the time high tea is served with home-baked cakes and cookies, the estate’s colonial charm has captivated me.

Madulkelle, Madulkelle tea and eco lodge, Sri Lanka ecotourism, Kandy where to stay
Breakfast with a view.
Madulkelle tea and eco lodge, Sri Lanka ecotourism, eco Sri Lanka
The infinity pool at Madulkelle tea and eco lodge.

Two days ago, as I lay on a hammock in Galkadawala, I was transported back in time by a fascinating book about a boy who grew up in the days of the British Raj, when Sri Lanka was still called Ceylon. I longed to join his escapades in Ceylon’s hill country and indulge in its colonial charm, unaware that here at Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge, I was going to experience just that.

Later that night, the clouds finally burst. We snuggle up by the fireplace with a glass of wine, hearing the rain pour incessantly. The British Raj in Sri Lanka is not widely talked about, but by now, I know that it has its own stories and legends. Its own secrets. Madulkelle is one of them.

Madulkelle tea and eco lodge, Kandy planter's bungalow, Kandy where to stay, eco Sri Lanka
Wine by the fireplace, at the planter’s bungalow.


What are your thoughts about Madulkelle? Have you ever stayed at an eco-luxury retreat?



About Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge

Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge is an eco-luxury getaway, in the hill country of Sri Lanka, an hour from Kandy. Tents are erected on wooden stilts on the Madulkelle Tea Estate, tastefully furnished with wooden panels, a rainforest shower and dim lighting. Their balconies overlook the tea plantations below and the mountains above. The Planter’s Bungalow now serves as the reception and dining area, with a verandah overlooking the infinity pool and the mountains beyond. 

Most of the tents on the estate are powered by solar energy. Much of the water is recycled at the lodge’s own waste treatment plant (an area that Kithsiri, the naturalist at the lodge, specializes in). Vegetables and fruits are organically grown in the lodge’s garden. And the team at the lodge is involved in community-oriented projects, including computer classes for kids from the nearby villages. 

How to reach Madulkelle

Madulkelle is a one-hour uphill drive from Kandy, winding along tea estates and sleepy countryside villages. A tuk tuk from Kandy to Madulkelle costs roughly 2,000 Sri Lankan Rupees (~INR 1000). Another option is to take the bus to Wattegama, and a tuk tuk thereafter.

Best time to visit Madulkelle

Round the year. The monsoons paint the entire region a lush green. Summers are cool atop the hills, and winters can be a little chilly. 

Contact and Costs at Madulkelle Tea Estate

Double/twin accommodation in a luxury tent is priced at US$ 155. Visit Madulkelle Tea Estate’s website for online reservations and join their Facebook page to be tempted further to experience it first hand!


*Note: We were hosted by Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge for this leg of our trip. It’s okay to be jealous!


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This post was written by Shivya Nath and published on The Shooting Star travel blog.


Title by Neha Upadhyay Bagri.


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  1. Beautifully described Shivya. I plan to visit Sri Lanka in December and you have just made my planning more exciting. Hope to stay here then:)

    1. nuwan sampath says:

      hey well come to Sri Lanka .

    2. Glad to hear that, Parath! You’ll love it 🙂 Let me know if you need any other recommendations!

  2. Shivani Sharma says:

    Wow! The tents look amazing! Madulkelle is now definitely part of my list of dream destinations. Keep writing and inspiring us!

    1. They really were, Shivani. Loved how it was so luxurious, yet didn’t interfere with the natural beauty around.

  3. Elevator Companies says:

    Amazing post nice to see the beautiful pics.

  4. The second picture with hut among tea plantation says it all. Keep revealing secrets 🙂

      1. To tell you the truth, I had originally planned Srilanka for my first solo trip. I had done my research, planned the circuit Colombo -> Galle -> Kandy- > Colombo and had even booked round trip tickets from Chennai as they were cheap and refundable. But for no specific reason I changed the plan to Turkey. Ha Ha Main Crazy hoo :).

        Since I have my homework already done and with additional notes now from you, I will be visiting Srilanka sure but right now confused between Lakshdweep, Arunachal Pradesh and Srilanka. Tough Choice Right ? 🙂 :).

        1. You’re on a roll, Makrand! And that is a tough choice. I suppose it also depends on the time / weather you’re planning this trip. I haven’t been to the first two, but can definitely vouch for Sri Lanka 😉

  5. I love the title :).
    The pictures are beautiful and I can only begin to imagine how lovely Madulkelle is. Thanks for the post!

  6. Zoya Surana says:

    I was here 2 days ago. This place is stunning and so serene for the soul.

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