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Goa is a State of Mind.

Every summer, Goans moved base to Calangute Beach

Four times its current size, in days of no electricity

No beach shacks, no sunbathers, this was the era of hippies

The music and culture, still very Portuguese.


Years later, we run away from the Arabian Sea

For a trace of Goa not many people see

In a 500 year old Goan home, with a local family

For backwaters so pristine and hamlets so sleepy.


On lazy mornings, we wake up to peacock cries

Sitting by the Aldona river, we watch kingfishers fly

After long walks and long talks, on the open fields we lie

Soaked in the rain on long drives, we stop asking why.


We indulge our taste buds in sumptuous Goan curries

Neighborhood eateries where no one’s in a hurry

Wearing shorts, slippers, something dull or merry

At a fine dining resto or roadside shack, never a worry.


My last week in Goa is a solo sojourn; me time

My friend asks, are there any secrets left to find?

I haven’t a single picture yet that truly captures Goa, I whine

Don’t waste your time, he says, Goa is a state of mind.


Goa blog, Goa backwaters, Goa secrets

Introspective by the backwaters of Chorao, in Goa.

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  1. Roberto says

    Hey… didn’t know you were a poet too!
    …summed up your Goa experience very well here!

    • Haha, I’m nowhere close, but trying to find ways to do more justice to the Goa experience πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by, Roberto!

  2. Hi, i have been following u off lately, after a super experience in Kashmir now to Goa? … Which made u try poetry.
    Even i’m trying to write my Experience about Goaaaa. Lot’s to write, very less time. Actually written more then 80%. It would be good if u give ur feedback about my writing.

    • I’ve never been to Kashmir yet, was in Karnataka before Goa πŸ™‚

      Happy to, send me the link when you’re done writing.

      • Pranshu Singhal says

        Haha so I have finally found somewhere I’ve been and you’ve not been!
        How come you are missing out on Kashmir Shivya! I guess you already know how pristine Kashmir is.
        I hope I’ll get to read all about your experiences in the valley sometime soon.

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  4. Wade Goodwin says

    Killer last line!!

    “I haven’t a single picture yet that truly captures Goa, I whine

    Don’t waste your time, he says, Goa is a state of mind.”

    I love it! Truly makes me want to go explore Goa!!

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