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Romania photos, Brasov photos, Brasov Romania

Snapshots from Romania!

It all began one night, when a friend and I sat staring at the world map. I had landed a fat assignment and finally reached my savings goal for a long overdue trip out of India. After turning down many drab international 3-4 day FAM trips that offered nothing immersive or even remotely exciting, I craved a mix of the east and the west, interesting food and the chance to experience a culture I knew little about. Romania seemed to tick all the boxes. Flights were booked, visa hurdles painfully crossed, and off we went. Into a world that continues to delight and surprise me.

Travel Plans in March!

I’m penning this post from the cosy courtyard of one of my favorite cafes in Singapore, on whose sunny shores I landed two days ago. It was here, in this tiny island nation that my tryst with travel started, and I used it as a base to explore Southeast Asia while studying and then working. It feels surreal walking its familiar streets and revisiting my favorite hangouts, as I connect the many dots that led to the path I’m now on, but I digress. While dealing with withdrawal symptoms from my recent trip to Bahrain, many exciting opportunities and plans cropped up. Here are all the places that I’m heading to this month:

Quarter Life Crisis & 4 Ways To Deal With It.

A quarter life crisis is not a myth. Every 20-something reaches a point in life that is the peak of the adult version of adolescence. At that point begin a series of assessments, of one’s accomplishments, relationships, and the past, present & future. More often than not, these assessments give way to disappointment, anger and confusion, or a 20-something’s version of a mid-life crisis. The severity and implications of a Quarter Life Crisis aka QLC vary with each individual. A study solemnly reports that every 3 in 4 people aged 26 to 30 go through a Quarter Life Crisis, while the Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia have some broad opinions on what such a crisis entails. The pace at which our generation moves has redefined most demographics, and having just turned 23, I’m attempting to discuss how to cope with a QLC, and hoping I wouldn’t relapse. 1. Let go. We carry a heavy burden from our past, of broken friendships, unfulfilled promises and seemingly wrong choices. In retrospect however, these defining moments have made us …

25 Things I’d Tell The 25-Year-Old Me.

1. The first quarter of your life is behind you. Let’s keep assuming you’ll live to be a 100. Live your best life. 2. Apply the 80-20 rule to life. Spend 80% of your time with 20% of the people who matter most. 3. May some things never change. Like you obsessing over your blog stats. 4. Sometimes, you’ve just got to take the shit people throw at you & move on. 5. By now, you should have said at least once in your life, “There’s no where else I’d rather be, and nothing else I’d rather be doing.” And meant it. 6. It’s not all downhill from here. ‘Life begins at 30’ might just be true. 7. It’s okay to lie for a good cause. 8. We’re past the Gandhian era. If life bitch-slaps you, don’t offer your other cheek. 9. If you don’t wake up every morning just for a glance outside your window, you better be panicking. Life is too short to live in an ugly place. 10. What good is your money if it …

Brainstorming is like wooing a girl

The more you try, the less you get. Many people get stuck in the quiet-before-the-storm when it comes to ideas, just like when it comes to girls. So here I am, trying to help you kill two birds with one stone: 1) Find something else to do. Newton wasn’t thinking of gravity when he discovered it. Think of gravity as true love (aka the girl you need to woo) or that one idea that will change the world. Until your apple falls, read a book. 2) Research, research, research. Google has everything you need to know. Learn from the mistakes of other people, incrementally innovate on innovations, and let your mind dissolve the boundaries of thoughts, possibilities, imagination and benchmarks. The best ideas are inspired by some creative company, and Google is not something she’ll ever be jealous of. 3) Help technology help you. The whole the-best-ideas-come-while-in-the-shower idea is great to inspire the daily ritual, but it’s also true. And it’s not just the shower; ideas come when you’re trying to shut out your thoughts …

We Are The Same, You & I.

I read a thought somewhere A thought I thought myself Someone thought it long ago Now it sits on my book shelf. I heard a song on the radio Made from the tears I shed Someone wrote it far away Now it’s stuck in my head. We are made of the same stuff You and I Flesh, blood, tears, sighs Pain, love, fear, lies. SPONSORED: Interested in ways to help people find happiness and live a great life? An online msw degree is for you.

Are We Losing Our Identity to Social Media?

Some of you may be familiar with the story of how I was threatened to be sued by a restaurant for a negative review. I refrained from telling my parents to keep them from getting worked up, until they stumbled upon my blog. Fail. Many of us are tending toward a high external locus of control, which is to say that we change ourselves, our behavior, our thinking, our attitude, as many times in a day as our environment changes. This is becoming increasingly true, and challenging, with our addiction to social media platforms that allow us to assume pretentious personas not meant for everyone. Professional identity We all pay close attention to maintaining our reputation as subject matter experts in the workplace; a necessity for people to take us and what we do seriously. However, our publicly open social media presence is diluting that identity. Would you use Twitter / Facebook the same way if you knew your boss or co-workers were scrutinizing your every tweet / update? Family identity Whether it’s your family …

Breaking New Year Resolutions is So 2010.

This decade, let’s pledge that we shall do what we resolve, resolve what we want, and want what we need. No more New Year resolutions that are made to break. No more wishful thinking. Keep 2011 resolutions Take baby steps. If you throw yourself into the deep end, chances are you’ll drown. Cut it down one drink at a time. Aim for one better deed a day. Save up on one extravagant splurge a week. Make one new friend. Push yourself, but not so hard that you fall. Use social media. Let’s face it, we share the best & worst of us on Facebook, Twitter and every other whim we stumble upon. Use that same addiction to help you stick to them resolutions. Mashable has a neat list of resources, if your resolutions have to do with physical fitness, saving money or getting your online presence in order. Find a buddy. Cheesy as it may sound, having friends with similar motivations can be a great way to keep resolutions. You can compare notes, start a routine, inspire, and …