My First Course: Get Paid to Travel the World With Purpose!

The idea of teaching what I’ve learnt over the years – about meaningful travel, impact storytelling and making a living from a combination of the two – first occurred to me when I was travelling in South Africa.

A travel blogger friend in Cape Town confessed that she felt lost in the clutter of creators. How could she stand out without losing her soul to Instagram trends? How could she get noticed by brands without having millions of followers? Could she ever make a comfortable living through her passion for travelling?

I walked out of that conversation feeling an unfamiliar urge. I suddenly wanted to gather people who shared this passion for travel and storytelling, and teach them how to turn it into a meaningful career. My mind was already chalking out an outline, and imagining a minimal workshop room with white boards and engaged discussions.

Then the pandemic happened, and the longer it stretched, the more this dream receded into the crevices of my mind.

Until one day, that unfamiliar urge surfaced again, this time over a similar conversation in Goa. Instead of in-person workshops though, this time I could visualize Zoom sessions. I gradually began developing a self-paced course for travellers, creators and dreamers who aspire to travel, tell stories, make a living from it – and do it with a sense of purpose.

What started out as a month-long project at the beginning of 2023 took over 6 months to build – but I’m thrilled to share that it’s finally live!

Check out the course: Get Paid to Travel the World With Purpose

Dreams become reality only when we act on them. Will you?

What is this course about, and who is it designed for?

I’ve spent time in 60+ countries as a travel storyteller, and taken all my learnings to build a course that’ll give you the strategies and mindset to turn your wanderlust into a meaningful career. 

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of brands – tourism boards, airlines, accommodations, lifestyle brands – and had some of the most epic travel experiences of my life. I’ve e-biked in the Swiss Alps, spent a month on a remote island off the coast of Chile, crossed the land border from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, travelled across the wine regions of Germany, and set foot on some of the world’s most stunning beaches in Mauritius – all as part of paid collaborations.

This in-depth course is designed for influencers, content creators, bloggers, writers, photographers and travellers who dream of travelling the world too. The tools I share can be applied to different parts of your journey, and across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, blogging and whatever channels might emerge in the future.

I teach you how to build a strong personal brand, attract a loyal audience, get paid to travel to your dream destinations, negotiate contracts and deliverables, and have a positive impact on the world in the process. 

See the Course Outline

Chalked out the outline of this course over a stunning sunset in Egypt.

What does the course include?

As part of the course, you receive access to:

  • 5.5 hours of pre-recorded video lessons
  • Self-paced assignments and practical resources to guide your journey
  • A live session with me every month 
  • Access to a supportive creator community
  • Travel storytelling opportunities with conscious brands!

How much does it cost?

In order to make the course accessible to a wide audience, I’ve set two different prices – one for India and the Global South, and one for the Global North.

🍁 India & the Global South: 149$ / ₹12,000
🍁 Global North: 199$

When I announced the course on Instagram, I set an early bird price for the first 50 signups, and was surprised at how quickly those got taken up!

I’m therefore offering an early bird price for readers of my blog. Those who sign up before 4th October receive 33% off. Please use the code BLOG33 on the course page for the early bird offer.

🍁 India & the Global South: ~99$ / ₹8000
🍁 Global North: ~149$

You can also follow @theshootingstaracademy on Instagram for course updates and testimonials.

I’m excited (and a bit nervous) to have my first cohort of learners, and look forward to seeing some of you in the first live class soon!

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Ready to teach how we can align passion, purpose and money.

Do you dream of travelling the world and telling meaningful stories? What’s stopping you?

The Shooting Star Academy

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  1. Excited about this Shivya! The mix of recorded videos and live classes sounds like a good formula.

  2. Your comprehensive approach to personal branding and audience building is exactly what the travel content industry needs. Excited to see how this course transforms the travel narrative and empowers more creators.

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