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Sometimes, when you are daunted by the road ahead, intimidated and overwhelmed by the future, a word of advice may be all it takes, a vote of confidence, some encouragement, from someone whose been there, done that, someone whose walked that path, survived. I found mine in a friend and senior from school, whose well on her way to becoming an entrepreneur. Here goes:

” …not a long time ago..i was in a similar situation as you..I had these colossal dreams..and no idea whatsoever as to how I could turn them into reality..job apps were disappointing..but I had braced myself to endure anything which would help add new skills to my personality..and bring me closer to becoming the kind of person i’ve always wanted to entrepreneur..

And trust me when i say might feel like none of these jobs will do justice to your what you can bring to the world..but they will make you stronger..they will teach you a very imp quality (a must for anyone who wants to carve out a new path for themselves) – Endurance.

Many around me tell me..this venture is a big risk..i could have settled for a job..steady income..and a reputable company with far less at stake..I don’t have an answer for them..i can’t tell them that it’ll succeed..because i honestly..dont know. All I know is..that if I didn’t find out today..then never again will I be able to. I might fail..but..I’ll be happier..than I would have been elsewhere..doing something else..being someone else.

But, the confidence to take this step..stems from the fact..that I did a lot of things I hated..because each one of them taught me something new..prepared me..for today..And this is exactly what I want to tell you..Don’t be upset..every hurdle along the way..becomes a stepping stone after you cross it..and every thing you do (irrespective of whether you love/hate it)..has a lesson in store…

Endure..learn..and retain..and before’ll turn your dreams into reality..

all the best!! ”

Thanks Nidhi 🙂 I owe you.

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  1. Well agree to your friend’s views you need follow your dream which comes from your heart and not your brain(it manipulates) and if you do that,you are the happiest person on the earth as you know how to live life

  2. Earlier, I used to feel this is all bookish when someone used to say, “Follow your dreams”! But when I came across my life in reality, then I understood what exactly these words meant. I am glad to hear same words from you. Thanks to your friend also for bringing out same in you!

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